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06 January 2013

The first Sunday of 2013

Around noon in hubby's car as we head out for lunch and then to my parents' place. My little precious looking at the greeneries along the way. Also posted on my instagram.

First we had lunch with hubby's auntie and cousin at Jurong Point Swensons. I was busy running some errands and then latching baby, so hubby helped me take the following two pics of his cousin's lunch and his.

Alas! I was so busy, and hungry after latching baby, I dug in straight away and forgotten to take a shot of my mushroom and cheese omelette.

After lunch we head down to my parents' place and my mum made this jelly dessert.

This is the 'raw ingredient' of the dessert. It's really nice and I love it~ ^^

I had the dessert alone as hubby was asleep... and this sight greeted me when I returned to the room where I did my confinement... baby's asleep in her playpen while hubby's asleep on my bed... and a space on the bed where I sat to latch baby earlier.

Mummy's homecooked food! If you've been looking at my entries since many years ago, you'd know that I am crazily in love with my mum's cooking... and these are the dishes for today's dinner.


Curry! My fav!!! With mock chicken, potatoes, milk, curry leaves. Mmm~

Sweet corn soup!

With sweet corn, szechuan preserved veggies, mock mutton, red dates, ginger.

The one meal I'm always looking forward to at the end of the week! Yum yum... ^^

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