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16 January 2013

Picture documentary of today

My parents-in-law will not be around until end of the week as they've gone over to my sis-in-law's place to help take care of her kids as she's overseas for vacation. So when I woke up, I thought it'd be a good day for me to get some chores done and cook my own meals... and I wrote this to-do list while still in bed:

And baby woke up too! I turned over to sayang her and she started playing with my hand...

So my list started with bathing baby. Usually I'll boil water to add to the tap water in her bathtub, and also use some of the hot water to make a morning beverage for myself. Today I made instant cappuccino and left my bread and cheese on top of the mug to 'toast' them above the piping hot cappuccino, which will no longer be hot after I'm done bathing baby.

When I was preparing baby for her bathe, she was having her toes in her mouth and I took a shot. And she peed all over the changing mat as I took the shot >< but still cute, because she's my precious daughter! 

After her bathe she napped for a short while and I found her sucking her fingers like a rocker. Haha!

Third on the to-do list - clean the two big drawers. But I ended up sorting out the cabinet where MIL kept lots of plastic containers, water bottles, thermal flasks, disposable plates etc. MIL knows how to make use of space very well and the cabinet is packed to the brim. I was digging through the cluttered cabinet for my bento tools because I want to keep them together in my 'cookie box'.

And so I finally digged everything out and I was so glad that I could fit all my bento tools into the box! Although as you can see, I actually have very little bento making tools... keke~

Ouch! I don't know when I got scraped on my hand... must be when digging through the cluttered cabinet. Ouch! It hurts especially when I'm washing the dishes.

I managed to move the Osim uRobic out from its hiding place in the space room, which is now a study cum store. We have plans to convert it into our baby's room and we're clearing out the stuff stored in the room. Hubby was saying I've neglected the uRobic, so I thought it's time I give it some TLC by making full use of it!

Oh, and I didn't forget to give the new drawers a good wipe before using them in our wardrobe.

I wanted to make bento for lunch but baby has been very sticky and wants my attention a lot. In the end, I opt for a quick lunch and ate this. Tian gave me this instant ramen from Korea and I was inspired by the packaging to make scrambled egg to top the ramen.

It was sooooo good I had to finish every strand of noodle and every bit of the soup! And then it's time to wash the dishes... *ouch*

When I was done with the dishes, my baby has fallen asleep inside the 'tunnel' of her play gym.

She slept very briefly and then she woke up again so I spent more time with her. Eventually she fell asleep again and I quickly get to work while she's napping. Her laundry hanging in the living room has dried so it's time to keep them and get ready for the next batch of clothes.

Also packed her little wardrobe... also on my to-do list. Finally cleared out the space to hang her dresses :) And shifted some stuff into the drawers.

While baby's still napping, I quickly cut the cucumber that I bought the other day, so that I can make sandwich for breakfast tomorrow :) Learnt from my mum that cutting the top portion of the cucumber and rubbing the two cut surfaces together will remove the bitterness. Usually I'll rub until no more foam appearing, then ditch the top end.

I am very particular about eating cucumber. I only eat it raw, and I hate eating cooked cucumber. As I was slicing the cucumber, I was already happily munching away. And here's the rest of them to be kept in the fridge.

I bought fusilli and wanted to make pasta for hubby and I, but hubby had to work late so I cooked dinner for myself. My original plan was to buy cream pasta sauce and cook with mushrooms to top my fusilli, but I didn't buy the sauce and since I'm eating alone and not fussy, so I just cook whatever I've bought and stored in the fridge.

While boiling the fusilli, I threw in tofu with mushrooms sauteed in butter and mushroom stock... in the end also added spicy bean paste and seaweed. Was remembering my mum's dish of tofu scrambled in spicy bean paste and shredded seaweed, usually eaten with rice. This is the first time I used this dish to top fusilli and surprisingly it tasted good ^^ but forgotten to top it off with the cherry tomatoes in the fridge.

I made almond jelly in the afternoon and it was ready to be served in the evening.

So happy to be home alone and making so much stuff! ^^ Yummy~ Hubby enjoyed the dessert when he got home.

Managed to get the laundry done while updating this entry but alas, it's already midnight and I haven't tidy up the untidy coffee table ><

So that's one thing I gotta do tomorrow. Hmmm... shall create another to-do list tomorrow morning! :D

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