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18 January 2013

Bento, shopping and more

Cheese and cucumber wholemeal sandwiches, mock sausage tulips, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg. Nice? ^^V

The last time I tried to use the egg mold, the egg was too big and was squashed, broken and 'overflow' from the sides of the egg mold. This time round, the egg was too small and couldn't get shaped by the star-shaped egg mold.

I've previously blogged about the CuteZcute giveaway on Ming's blog, bentomonsters.com. I didn't win it but well, why would I expect to win when there's just one set of cutters to be given away? Well, here's another chance!! Check out Ming's 400th post giveaway! She's giving away not just one item this time, so the chances are higher! Although sharing with you may reduce my chances... oh well, good things are meant to be shared!! :D

While baby was still sleeping in the morning, I trimmed her nails. She's been digging her nails into me so hard that I have to shout at her "Ouch! Stop!! Painful! Mummy very painful! Ouch~~!!"

Remember I blogged about the Takashimaya temptations? Well... guess what's the tempting item I'm eyeing? You won't believe it...

I was crazy over a pair of self-standing kitchen scissors. Yes, 1-2-3, all together, point at me and scream, "YOU ARE MAD!"

And so I dressed baby up for a trip to town...

And we headed down to Takashimaya at 10 plus in the morning... hoping that the kitchen scissors haven't gone out of stock as the departmental store opens at 10am.

New year goodies fair at Takashimaya Square... but nope, I didn't go down there at all. I went to many places but not Takashimaya Square.

Met a fellow mummy friend Lizzy and her boy who's a week younger than my baby, and bought the stuff we wanted from Takashimaya. After our shopping and walking around, we headed down to Wheelock Place for one of my favourite eating places - Cedele.

Finally we get to rest our tired legs and backs... from walk around with our babies in our Ergo carriers. Coincidentally she's also using Ergo, and we both bought the Ergo organic teething pads for our carriers' straps. Our babies have been 'eating' their respective carrier straps! Haha~

Oh yes, so we had lunch. I had the yummy pumpkin soup and mixed mushroom risotto. Lizzy had a seafood salad in the background of the piccy below.

I also had a hot rooibos tea while she had an orange juice, then later a pot of ginger tea as we shared dessert.

Before our dessert came, this place was served first. It's a sampling platter of the various CNY goodies available at Cedele. Some are super nice while some are kinda special and we didn't really like those. Acquired taste I guess.

And our dessert... red velvet cake! Now I'm crazy over red velvet cake. However, it's not entirely nice. One side of the cake was dry and hard. I guess it was the side that was cut earlier and left in the cabinet for quite some time.

After our fulfilling lunch, we headed down to Kinokuniya because hubby wanted me to check the price of some books. On the way we went to H&M to look at the babies clothings too. While in Kinokuniya, I spent most time at the children's book area...

With a baby, I'm always fascinated by baby books and children books! But I didn't get any books as my little one has many books and the books aren't cheap here. Keke~

My baby in Kinokuniya for the first time! ^^

After Kinokuniya, we went back to Takashimaya and then finally we walked to 313@Somerset. Lizzy left to take a bus home while I went to the nursing room to feed baby and then changed her diaper. Then I went to Gong Cha and bought a milk tea drink, and went up to Uniqlo.

Standing on the escalator, milk tea in my hand, and my wristlet in baby's hand... hahaha she was holding my wristlet with her middle and fourth finger and wouldn't let go, as if she's guarding the money inside. Keke~ And the white straps are of the big Takashimaya shopping bag. This is also why I need to get the Ergo organic teething pads... If I didn't put her bib in the way, she'd be chewing on the strap!

Went to take a look at the baby stuff at Uniqlo as my friend has been raving about it... but didn't buy anything, and finally head home... and these are what I bought!

See... life of a mummy. I no longer buy things for myself, but buy things for the kitchen and my baby. I went all the way to Takashimaya just to get these. Unbelieveable! Anyway guess what? I used my Takashimaya card for additional 10% off, and a $50 Takashimaya voucher, and paid $0.30 for these 3 items!!

I had wanted to buy ingredients and make ABC soup for dinner, but when I'm finally home, it was 6 plus in the evening and I was hungry. I was out for 8 hours, with 90% of the time on my feet with the weight of my little precious one on my shoulders... tired max. And so I headed home and resort to a quick meal of instant noodles instead.

Bought this the other day so adding this to the soup. However, it's meant to be steamed, so 2 of the 3 pieces fell apart in the soup. I used the noodles to cook my own version of maggi goreng. It was a fast and good dinner.

Noodles was goreng in spicy bean paste with egg and lettuce, then topped with mock sausages and the green dumplings from the soup, and seaweed from the instant noodles.

After dinner was house chore frenzy! I've been rather 'domesticated' these 3 days. And although it's been a tiring day, I made myself more tired as I cooked, washed the dishes, kept baby's clothes on her laundry rack, folded and kept her clothes and nappies, scrubbed her soiled nappies and do her laundry, walked around the house carrying her and singing to her to coax her to sleep, hung her laundry, and brought down all the clothes hanging on the 8 bamboo poles, folded and kept them. And finally I sat down to blog.

Instant noodles wasn't particularly filling so I was hungry again. Glad I bought this on my way home... it's actually quite nice! :D

Going to my parents' place tomorrow and bringing some for my folks to try. =) And another long tiring day has passed... time to have a warm shower and rest. Good night!

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