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21 January 2013

Many photos over the weekend

Saturday morning was a nice rainy morning to stay in bed and sleep until late. I was however woken up by these strong legs kicking tiny feet in my face. My little darling just loves to turn around in her sleep and it's always in this direction, with her feet and bum in my face!

That's my pillow on the lower left while hubby safely shielded himself with his bolster. Fortuately I don't sleep with bolster, otherwise there will be no space for the little one!

I woke up aching all over, and it has nothing to do with baby's kicking. I'm hurting so bad that I couldn't lift up my right arm without feeling a sharp pain, and my right arm also has no strength to carry things. I had to carry baby's weight mainly on my left arm if I were carrying her. My neck, shoulders and back were all aching like mad. I was guessing maybe it's because of Friday. I'm not use to doing all the chores anyway, so it was silly of me to go out with baby's weight on my shoulders for close to 8 hours, then go home and do all those chores without taking a break at all. Hubby bought Salonpas plasters for me in the afternoon for some temporary relief.

We had some problem with our little girl's Combi stroller, and so we went down to the Combi retailer to get a check, and learnt that nothing's wrong. Apparently many users thought they encountered the same problem too, but it was just one of the features. Haha~

There's many toys and stuff for babies available at the store and we shopped around and bought a set of numbers rubber mats for my parents' place. Currently my parents may just put her on the sofa and play with her, but soon she'll be flipping and it won't be a good idea to put her on the sofa anymore, so it'll be great to place the mat on the floor for her to roll around on.

We had lunch at Din Tai Fung before going back to my parents' place. In fact, this was our first meal... I was starving!! Finally the dishes were served...

The spicy noodles... very spicy, although not overwhelming for me. But I don't think I'll order it again... nothing but spicy. And I had a tummy ache that night.

Back at my parents' place... my favourite meal - mum's homecooked dinner!!

Curry with potatoes and mock chicken

Lotus root and peanut soup with mock mutton

Boiled brocolli and of course, brown rice!

After dinner and sitting around for a while, we went home and when I was wiping baby, I realized I scraped my right hand this time. The little wound on my left hand is still not healed and now another one! =(

Hubby went downstairs to buy some stuff and bought hot waffle for me after my tummy ache ^^

My cute baby says GOOD NIGHT!

And then it's Sunday morning... I'm back to drinking a mug of lemon water in the morning to reduce acidity in my body.

After my detox first drink of the day, I heat up the curry - leftover from dinner on Saturday - to eat with wholemeal bread for breakfast. Yum!!

And my hubby prefers his bread with peanut butter or nutella.

Got baby all dressed up for a birthday party.

Came to Kids Amaze at SAFRA Toa Payoh for Bernice's first birthday party. Bernice is my hubby's friend's super adorable daughter. You won't get to see pics but I can tell you, her eyes are so so much bigger than my little girl!

It's a big big indoor playground for kids and we're in one of the function rooms. Of course the kids are free to play in the playground but my little one is still too young. We received a goodie bag too! :D

And we had lunch. There was a buffet spread as well as an assortment of pastries from Delifrance.

I had the beehoon goreng with curry veggies and some of the super shiok spicy chilli.

Hubby and I shared some pastries too.

And this is the hot dessert.

Gotta get our hands stamped for re-entry. Reminds me of my clubbing days! XD

And I went out for a little exploration... here's the entrance to the function room where Bernice's first birthday party was held.

And next door, there's another girl's birthday party with a Hello Kitty theme.

Walking into the playground... I couldn't go inside as I wasn't wearing socks. All children or adults have to be in socks to enter. In the far end are the blue slides. The whole place is so big and I see so many kids going wild inside. In fact it's so big that some of hubby's friends who left their kids inside had difficulty looking for them inside when it's time to leave! XD

And soon it's time for cake cutting! Look, such cute plates!

And the cute cake. =)

Having my slice of cake while baby slept in her stroller... this is the second time she slept through all the commotion of birthday song singing, candle blowing and cake cutting. The other time was here.

Had to nurse my little baby so went to check out the very simple nursery room.

And the nursing corner was literally in a little corner... a dark little corner.

Taadaa! I had to sit on that black plastic chair and latch baby in the dark, with just a curtain shielding me from the rest of the world.

After the party, we explored the newly renovated SAFRA and decided to just grab dinner in one of the eating places there, so hubby wouldn't have to go around looking for parking again.

The place is so huge and nice! And in the pic below, there's some filming going on inside New Zealand Natural, although we're not sure what's really going on...

And we decided to get dinner here.

The place is very new and bright.

Hubby had egg noodles with chicken wings.

While I had mee rebus.

Baby has been very cooperative throughout the day. =) And finally we returned home. Parents-in-law came home at night and brought the goodies from sis-in-law's Hong Kong trip. PILs have been away since Tuesday night.

SIL bought a Man United red legging skirt for my little girl. Hubby's happy, while I just hope to patch over with a Liverpool logo. Hahaha~

And lastly, MIL found a parcel in our bursting mailbox today. Realized when they were not in, no one checked the mailbox! Haha... and so in the parcel I received... this!!

I 'won' this from a OO.sg Facebook contest, for having the most "LIKES" for my post. Really thankful to my friends for liking my post and helping me win this book! Time to start reading. =)

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