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07 January 2013

First Monday of 2013

And it's another week... week after week and before I know it, it'll be time to go back to work... then months after months, it'll be another year again!

Okay, I'll try not to think about that now, and enjoy every moment with baby!

Last week I ordered some Chinese books from Qoo10.com.sg and they arrived today!!

Some mothers are obsessed with baby clothes, some with leggings, some with socks. And some with toys and rides and baby food. Me? I'm obsessed with baby books!!!

Today, my mum-in-law bought a packet of rice for me as lunch. I didn't take the pic, so just show you the empty box... XD It was very very warm in the afternoon (35°C!) and although I wanted to nap with baby, I couldn't sleep with all the perspiration! And so I snacked on some Royce dark chocolate and then put on a sheet mask that I kept in the fridge. I haven't used a mask for ages!!! Probably I haven't used any facial mask for the entire 2012!! Gosh! My poor face... I shall try to pamper you a bit every once in a while with all the left over sheet masks that I've bought ages ago!!

Baby woke up from her nap and drenched my bed with her perspiration too! The weather was just way too horrible, and it doesn't help that ALL the air conditioners at home are not working!! ><

After baby woke up, I latched her and soon my mum-in-law came back with my dinner.

My in-laws were out in the afternoon and mum-in-law bought dinner back for herself and me. My very cute MIL said beehoon is not filling enough, so bought a packet of rice back to share! OMG~ *patpat tumtum*

It's good that the beehoon and soup were packed separately so the beehoon won't get soft and soggy. Added the bee hoon into the soup... these were not the only ingredients in the soup. 

So I took out some of the ingredients and put them on the rice to take the next photo.

This is from a stall in Sengkang that sells a variety of nice vegetarian food. :) I introduced this stall to MIL only a couple of months ago and she likes the food there too! I have some other pics but I need time to dig through my millions of photos to find them... if you want to know more about this stall, can take a look at this post by The Hungry Ang Mo. ^^

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