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09 January 2013

Aussie 2011 Part 5

4 December 2011 - The day we walked and we walked and we walked. We went around on foot all over Sydney! And I took whooping 482 photos on this day!!! 

After the single train ride of the day to Newtown, we walked all the way along King Street, to the University of Sydney, then Victoria Park, Glebe, and strolled towards Sydney Fish Market, walked to Darling Habour, onto Liverpool Street for dinner and back to our hostel at Rawson Place at the end of the day.

And we've arrived on the platform of Newtown train station!

At Newtown, a lovely town indeed. And as usual, love the sky!

My first buy at Newtown... fragrant handmade soaps for my besties. :)

My second buy... a red Crumpler strap for my S95!

And we had lunch at Burger Fuel.

My yummy vegetarian 'beetnik' burger.

Yummy beetroot!!

Woooooo~ good stuff! Funny description too... lol~

And the front... I love the burger, I wanna go back to Burger Fuel!

We strolled around somemore, walked down a quiet road and arrived at The University of Sydney!

Physics Road! Both Wei and I are physics teachers. Heh~

The Quadrangle. I took many many photos here!

Then we strolled down to Victoria Park and when I turned back, wow! I took this pic~

Many pretty flowers along the way while strolling in Victoria Park...

And here we are, chilling on the grass like the locals do. Sitting in the shades of the trees and watching time pass by... Nice~ I wish I have more vacations like this!

Then we strolled again, and headed to the weekend market which happens in Glebe Public School on every Saturday!

The handmade dolls are really really nice! The bears with angel wings and customized dolls are super adorable!! But comes with a hefty pricetag too... In the end I bought some nice accessories at the weekend market. :)

And we strolled somemore and came to this place! This is part of Anzac Bridge.

We walked and we walked... and got to Sydney Fish Market. This was at the water next to it.

Christmas carolling by 4 lovely ladies at Darling Habour.

And finally we arrived at Liverpool Street for dinner at Mammas!

We ordered the sangria.

For both of us ^^

My vegetarian ravioli and Wei's carbonara.

Then we had mini desserts... creme brulee and tiramisu. ^^

When we were back, there's a party going on inside our room... lots of drinks and laughter! We went for a stroll somewhere, I don't remember where, and then we brought our books and went reading at the cosy common area level 1.

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