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10 January 2013

These 3 days

2 days ago on 8 Jan 2013, I was at home the entire day and busy updating the blog entries on my Aussie trip. Check them out!

Breakfast of the day... read more here on my instagram.

Arranged my baby's books in a box from my aunt. Here are her books, mostly brand new and a couple of preloved books. Not including the one Fisher Price and two Lamaze cloth books in the living room, and a buggy boardbook in my diaper bag. Perhaps I should stop buying baby books... for the next couple of months! Heh~

Father-in-law bought lunch for me from the economical beehoon and nasi lemak stall downstairs.

And I had yummy chilled homemade soya bean milk!

Mother-in-law frequently makes soya bean milk with this Joyoung soya milk maker that I bought for her, after she broke the previous one with frequent use. I get to drink the most soya milk at home so I volunteered to buy it for her! :D

Baby rolled over from front to back on 8 Jan 2013!! Love my milestone cards~ ^^

Lunch on 9 Jan 2013... Mum-in-law bought from a vegetarian stall - assam fish, hashbrown and yam roll. If you noticed my lunch for 8th and 9th, you'd realized I'm having rather sinful and heaty food for lunch!

MIL made red bean soup dessert! I'm pampered just by staying at home. MIL makes lots of yummy food and drinks for me! ^^

In the evening, I went out for movie with my dear friend Keelyn. We watched what I've been wanting to watch... Les Mis! I watched the musical some 16 years ago and I miss it so much! I was so terribly in love with the musical then, I bought the album and learnt to sing every single freaking song in Les Mis! I remembered every line, every word, every song! This movie was a refresher for me... Hoping for the musical to come back again~

Oh ya, talking about heaty and sinful food... we had laksa yong tau fu for dinner. Haha~ After the show we hang out at MOS burger and I had corn soup ^^

On 10 Jan 13, today, I went back to school with a buddy at work, Tian, for the release of O level results. I brought baby along as my in-laws are at my sis-in-law's place to babysit the unwell nephew.

Tian is also on no-pay leave, just like me, so we're free to have lunch together before heading back to school...

At Canton Paradise. Again. Ha! My good girl beside me on the cushion seat.

Fried tofu ^^

We shared the egg fried rice and fried tofu...

And the XO fried carrot cake too!

Baby fell asleep next to me on the cushion seat as we eat.

Then we went back to school... this was taken when the students were making faces at her! Haha~

After the release of results and everything's over, four of us and my baby head down to Cedele at Greenwich V for tea... it's my first visit to Greenwich V!

My red velvet cake and red rooibos tea! :D

My friend's salad.

My cake with the salad and Tian's cake.

Another friend had mushroom soup and tea.

And we had the free flow bread too! :D

Four of us ladies had a great time together while, once again, baby was sleeping next to me while I eat. Heh~ I'm so blessed with such a good baby!

Bought dinner home for hubby and myself from Greenwich V. This is the chicken chop for hubby, bought from this restaurant called Empire State. When I got home and then hubby finally came back from work, it's all cold and soggy... =/

And so I served them nicely on a plate (without the soggy veggies) and put inside the microwave to heat it up for hubby. Hubby says the chicken chop's not bad... but there was so much mash potatoes that we shared... keke!

I bought my favourite beetroot avocado burger with walnut bread from Cedele.

Heat my burger up too in a soup bowl... my own dinner, so there's no need to serve it prettily... just munch away! Kekeke~ There's baby watching me eat my dinner. :P

Finally one last pic to share... my precious little one is 20 weeks old today!! 

Oh, and all those square photos with @nicedeed are photos edited to be posted on my instagram. Using the same pics here as well. =)

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