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08 January 2013

Aussie 2011 Part 3

We went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at Powerhouse Museum... unfortunately no photography allowed inside. After hanging out at Powerhouse Museum, we went to Manly Beach... but unfortunately (again?!) it started to drizzle and the wind was super freaking cold!! It did nothing to my phototaking streak though... snap on!

We had brekkie at this place which was a short stroll from our hostel.

Wei's gigantic portion of egg benedict with smoked salmon.

My mushroom omelette and toasts.

Coffee, and some policemen having brekkie too.

We walked and walked and walked and walked and finally we reached Powerhouse Museum!

I bought this at the Harry Potter exhibition. Wei bought a nice Gryffindor scarf for her next trip... she'll be flying to Japan after this trip!

We went to look at the various art exhibitions at Powerhouse Museum before catching a ferry down to Manly.

We're here... but unfortunately the weather wasn't good.

On the beach on a gloomy day.

We head down to Old Manly Boatshed to chill over dinner, drinks and live band.

Our dinner.

Wine after dinner.

1 Dec 2011 rise and shine! We had breakfast here at a Chinese eatery in Central Station, a stone's throw away from our hostel at Sydney Central YHA.

My breakfast... veggie noodles soup. 

Wei's beef noodles soup.

We took the train to Martin Place and strolled over to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the Picasso exhibition.

No photography inside the exhibition... so this is all I can show you!

We had a break at the cafe... coffee and carrot cake.

Yummy carrot cake!

Tea and scones~


We also look at the other exhibits before leaving. I'm in love with this piece... it's very well painted, looked like a photograph instead of a painting... it's a sad story though.

Leaving the Art Gallery of NSW. Beautiful sky, as usual!

Trees facinate me.

The play of shadow amidst the branches and leaves makes every tree a unique piece of art, every second of the day!

We took a stroll in the Royal Botanic Gardens, absorbing the beautiful scenery around us~ I took over 100s of photos and this is just one of them!

Chilling around the Sydney Opera House before our show. Pure Blonde and truffle fries! Yummy~


Many seagulls hanging around too.


We went to watch a show at Sydney Opera House and this was taken after the show :)

As Wei and I walked back to our hostel in the cold wind, we started craving for hot soup and ended up with these! XD

I took so many photos over the days in Australia but I'm gonna share more foodie pics here as this blog's focus is mainly on food... :)

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