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02 January 2013

CuteZcute cutter giveaway

I've been obsessed over some bento blogs as I've always been wanting to make those bentos! In fact I was so obsessed, the first thing I bought in USA when I went there for vacation in 2010... was this book!!

These are some of the tools which I collected over the past couple of years... so when am I starting to make bentos?!

Actually I did make bento... this very simple bento is my first attempt, and I regret to say, also the only attempt so far. ><

Ming is a lovely mummy of two and an expert in making charaben and has more bento tools than anyone could imagine! I love visiting her blog for a visual treat and I just hopped over to find a CuteZcute cutter giveaway ongoing now!

Look, the tools that all avid bento makers have! Yay, I'm so happy to see this giveaway, an opportunity to win the super kawaii cutter to finally kickstart my bento-making... I hope by the time my little precious is eating adult food, I'll be able to make super adorable bentos for her, just like Ming's! :D

You may want to go try your luck too? :P Hop over to www.bentomonsters.com! :)


daphne said...

Hello deedee! How cute is that bento! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Of course I will be more than happy to be in your blogroll!

deedee said...

Thank you daphne!! :D