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09 January 2013

Aussie 2011 Part 6

4 December 2011 is the last full day we have in Sydney. It's also our free-and-easy day, reserved for any of the things we've planned but may not manage to do in the days before. 

We bought some pies and pastries at a stall in Central Station and took the train


We arrived at Circular Quay and saw that we have some time before the next ferry, so we hopped into McD for some coffee.

Coffee time in McD~!

We took a ferry to Cockatoo Island where there's Outpost 2011 was ongoing.

"The successful 2011 Outpost was a free event that celebrated street art from Australia and around the world. It won the Best New Event in the 2012 Australian Event Awards and was the first event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere." (source)

We look at many graffiti art in the dark places...

... and in the bright places...

And hundreds of t-shirt designs on t-shirts of various shades and colours.

There's also a spot for kids to have their own hands-on experience in creating an installation with recycled materials.

After Cockatoo Island, we hopped onto another ferry that brought us along the Parramatta River and back. After that, we thought we wanna eat Pancakes on The Rocks for one last time before leaving, and headed down to this place that "never closed".

Wei's dinner.

And mine, with hash and egg. Yum!

We headed down to a grocery store for dessert.

And then to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for pies!

I had a veggie pie with mushy peas and sauce.

This is Wei's pie.

This is the place and we actually met a group of Singaporean tourists here!

The next morning, we had to check out and put our haversacks into these huge lockers before heading out for our last stroll in Sydney.

Men grabbing breakfast before heading down to work.

This caught my eyes as we strolled around town.

We came to this cosy little cafe for breakfast.

It's a nice place to chill over coffee and pastries.

Our breakfast... yums!

I don't remember what we had... lol.

This looks like mocha?

After breakfast we continued to stroll.

And we came to Market City where we did some last minute shopping.

This Pual Frank bikini set is just so cute but nope, I didn't buy it. Haha~

I was so tempted to get this! But in the end I didn't... 'cos it's gonna expire after Christmas!

My shopping loot from the morning!

We went to the foodcourt for lunch and I bought this.

With veggies inside.

Wei buying her meal.

She had kebab.

Inside Wei's kebab.

I went back to the stall where I bought my lunch...

And bought a samosa... heehee, glutton me!

This is the stall where I bought my food.

Back at the hostel where we retrieved our haversacks and get ready to head home.

Where we spent our last aussie dollars...

And bought these home...

My vegetarian lunch on board the plane. And then it's home sweet home!

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