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08 January 2013

Aussie 2011 Part 1

Heading off to Aussie all by myself! It's the first time I'm boarding a plane alone, so it was quite exciting~ Hubby sent me to the airport and we had dinner together before I embark on my journey.

Hubby and I had dinner at Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Vegetarian meal~ That pastry thingy has spinach or some veggie in it.

I was woken up from my 1-hour sleep for this break... was grumpy for being woken up and then I saw the Meiji yogurt, my fav!

Finally I arrived in a drizzling Brisbane alone and went around seeking for breakfast with my 2 haversacks on me... One in front and one behind. Strolled through some foodcourts and there's sandwiches everywhere, but Subway one... more affordable... so Subway it is... keke~

Then I strolled around alone with my luggages on me, and went around phototaking before I meet up with my cousin and her family.

Lunch was 'cheap' pasta from another foodcourt. I can mix and match the different pasta which were all precooked and displayed at the counter, like our mixed vege rice stall. The pasta and water set meal cost me A$8.50.

While strolling towards the meeting place, I went around phototaking again.

Finally I met the lovely couple and their baby who was 3-month-old then. Cousin-in-law bought latte for me and onwards to their place where I'll be spending time together with them for the next 4 days =)

Upon arrival to my cousin's place, cousin showed me to the guest room prepared for me. Woohoo~!! My bedroom suite comes with a personal gym facility! XD  I love the bed, better than hotels! This feel like a resort!! So in love~♥

I'll be here from 24th November 2011 to 27th November 2011, flying off in the early morning of 28th.

We bought Mac along the way at a nearby drive-thru... tea time!

Taadaa~ A super awesome homecooked meal by the lovely couple... thank you guys!!

Another close up shot... I had veggies, egg and soup.

And then it's chill time!

Day 2 rise and shine! I woke up really late actually, despite crying baby and chirping birds (their pets) =P And breakfast was already ready on the table~

I opened their very well organized pantry cabinet and made myself a cuppa coffee ^^

My breakfast! Hot coffee and vegetarian pie!! Yums~

My cousin-in-law's cooking lunch today!

What a big slab of tofu!

And lunch is tofu and salmon with soup.

Mine is just rice with tofu ^^

While cousin and her hubby had salmon too!

In the afternoon, I joined cousin-in-law to bring their two doggies to the vet.

Love the blue blue sky along the way ^^

And back at my cousin's place for tea break! Yummy scone! So yummy that I had a second one (chocolate one!) and kinda overate during tea break! XD And for a while we were crazy over GeoDefense Swarm! Cousin-in-law and I playing, me on his iPad and he on cousin's!

Dinner was soup and noodles. ^^ Guess which one is mine? (I know, too easy. No prize for guessing right!)

My hearty dinner~ ^^ I'm really grateful for my cousin and cousin-in-law for being such accomodating hosts! ♥

Day 3 rise and shine! My breakfast~

My lovely hosts brought me to the Fo Guang Shan in Brisbane. We went to an asian market before this and bought some a dozen packets of beehoon as offerings to the temple.

We bought lunch from a Chinese food eatery on the way back~ A standard packet is rice with 3 veggies and 1 meat, costing A$9.30, while mine with 4 veggie dishes (eggs with tomatos counted as veggie dish, yay!) cost A$8.

The little baby sleeping peacefully on her daddy's comfy shoulder~

Sweet, yummy and crunchy apples!

We bought dinner at Hungry Jack's drive-thru.

"Vegie" whooper for me!

Whooping huge vegie whooper!!

Cousin-in-law's whooper is super whooping huge!

Here's my huge whopper in my hand... *chomps*

Day 4 rise and shine! My cousin made coffee and toasted bread for me... I'm so pampered!

The lovely hosts brought me to the picturesque Wivenhoe Dam.

And then to a quaint little town Esk for lunch. Love the beautiful Australian sky :)

Here we are! Wow, look at that slope ahead of us!!

We're at an eating place called "Sticky Fingers". Here's my super creamy and thick iced coffee~

Cousin-in-law had curry rice.

My cousin had fish and chips.

My vegetarian breakfast set... wait!! I realized they served the wrong dish, I thought I ordered a mushroom and salad meal... how come become vegetarian breakfast set?! Nevermind... it's still good, in fact super yums! ^^

Back at my cousin's place for my last homecooked meal in Brisbane. Helped a bit in preparing the veggies~

It's dinner time!

Yummy dinner prepared by cousin-in-law!! :D My cousin is so lucky to marry such a nice guy! Last meal with my lovely hosts... Missing the lovely couple a lot!!! ♥

Yummy fruits!!

And then hours later, I left Brisbane for Sydney... 

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