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01 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy new year everyone! Here's a recap on my last day of 2012 and first day of 2013. ^^

We didn't have plans to go anywhere on new year's eve so we were home with baby while my happening parents-in-law went out till late. Hubby went downstairs to buy lunch but I was just too sick of the food downstairs, so hubby cooked instant noodles for me, with egg and mock chicken.

After lunch I started preparing for the little "party" in the evening... invited 3 girlfriends over to play Xbox Kinect. Cherries and seedless grapes... yums!

We started with Dance Central 3 but ended up only one girlfriend and myself dancing while the other two were too shy to try. We switched over to Raving Rabbids and it's a blast! We went crazy playing the super insane game... it's so vigorous, it hurts us more than playing Dance Central!

We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner as our first choice - Pasta Mania - wasn't delivering. Maybe due to the bad weather? I realized every time there's very bad weather and we wanna order Pasta Mania delivery online, it'll say the store nearest us closed. Like, closed? Really? Well, nevermind... so here's our dinner!

Last dinner of 2012!

After dinner one of the girlfriends left for her countdown party and my hubby joined us to play bridge while watching Running Man on TV... in the end my little precious joined us too!

She's very serious with her cards... hahaha! The ladies left before midnight as they didn't want to be home too late, and hubby and I watched the Channel 8 countdown programme on TV while we took turn to take care of my poor little bubs who's sick. Can't tell from her pics right? She's having a really bad case of stuffy nose which prevented her from sleeping well, so she kept waking up after we've coaxed her to sleep... she woke up 4 or 5 times, and once was right after the countdown! I guess the explosions of fireworks from the nearby countdown party startled her. Poor baby, she looks like she's in so much discomfort, I was so helpless and heartbroken I cried :(

And then... finally after cuddling her while sitting in bed and sleeping that way, she's in deep sleep and hubby told me to put her down between us and get some rest. And then when I woke up to feed baby in the morning, he's still sleeping but I was starving! So I went downstairs to buy breakfast for myself. My first choice was prata and second was fried radish cake, but both stalls were not opened, so I ended up with a packet of nasi lemak for myself. Bought a whooping huge bottle of Meiji milk too!

So here's the my first breakfast of 2013! Although we are far from downtown, having a coffeeshop and a supermarket located a minute's walk away made life so convenient for me, and I'm super grateful for that!

And for now, my new year wish is for my little precious to get well soon and stay healthy and happy!! 

After breakfast and hanging out at home for a while, we left for my parents' place and then left my baby with my parents while we joined my baby brother and his fiancee for lunch at the nearby foodcourt.

I ordered vegetarian wanton noodles but they told me that they ran outta wantons only after the noodles were prepared. And so I picked the mock ngoh hiang which is made of yam, to substitute the deep fried wantons. Hubby ordered western food. The other duo were already having lunch when we arrived. After lunch we went to buy some stuff. My hubby bought kueh bangkit while my brother bought cheese cake. :D

My bestie gave me the B&J ice cream when she visited me at my parents' place on Christmas ^^

Dinner was my mum's homecooked meal! OMG I LOVE!  :D~~

There's stirfried lettuce, braised mushrooms with mock fish slices, and one of my favourite - carrot omelette!

And not to forget... the lotus root soup with peanuts, mock chicken, red dates and ginger.

And finally before we left... it's dessert time!!

I had a wonderful first day of 2013 and I hope you did too! :D

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