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03 January 2009

2008 to 2009

28 Dec 2008: MIL was trying out some recipes she has... if they're successful, we'll make our own goodies instead of buying them~ =)

Kueh bangkit

Pineapple tarts

3 Jan 2009: Here are some other pics taken today, the first Saturday of 2009~ Enjoy!

Hubby's brunch

Our brunch

Making kueh semprit

Kueh semprit before baking

Kueh semprit after baking

Hubby and I bought dumplings and ondeh ondeh after brunch


Vegetarian nonya rice dumpling

Making kok-zai

I made the prettiest ones!

Ready to be fried

Kueh bangkit in the bottle

Kueh semprit in the container

Freshly fried kok-zai

Some of my masterpieces

Vegetarian dinner at Hougang with hubby and his brother




*This backdated entry was posted on 4 Jan 2013 

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