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03 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Last meal of 2009: Had a great steamboat cum hotplate-bbq dinner with my parents-in-law, dear and friends last night~ (^_^) It was a fabulous meal sitting around together at home enjoying the steamboat together with his family and friends. We were afraid we didn't buy enough, but we ended up with so much leftover food lah! Haha~ After that we played mahjong in the living room with the countdown programme showing on the TV. We avoided the crowds and the usual long wait for cabs after countdowns, and had a great time at home!

First meal of 2010: My first trip to Kopitiam Square at Sengkang with dear after waking up late this morning... huge variety of food there! But so far all seems so-so... normal everyday stuff, nothing that I'll highly recommend to anyone. Still, if anyone's staying nearby, it'll be great to such a food centre around. If dunno what to eat, just go there walk a few rounds, I guess sure to get a decent meal in the end with the variety of food stalls. I wish there's one such food centre that's within walking distance from my place, but dream on!! XD
Second meal of 2010: We napped in the afternoon and woke up late, and I was having a horrible headache as I slept much lesser than him, so dear offered to cook dinner for us! MIL suggested cooking instant noodles with the steamboat ingredients left, and here's what he whipped up! He cooked mine first (instant mi goreng with the vegetarian mock prawns, mock meatballs, mock cocktail sausages and veggies) and saw me rearranging the ingredients to snap this shot, so he served his all ready for the camera! He arranged them nicely for me, as shown in the piccy inset~ ^^

Second day of 2010: We were busy packing up our bedroom and living room... *sigh* I shall elaborate in my next entry... after all the busy packing, dear and I went out and met his friends - a married couple - for dinner and catching up before they leave for the States soon, as the husband is posted there for 2 years and  guess what? The wife just got pregnant!

As we chatted I was reminded of dear Canny and I went to see Canny's blog after not reading any blogs for eons... Canny I really miss looking at all the yummy stuff that you whipped up when you were in the States! I even told the dear gal about Canny and she's curious where to find all the recipes as she hopes to learn to cook some local delights to curb her craving when she's there.

We had a great dinner at Tampines Mall's Din Tai Fung. 


We went over to Starbucks for more catching up (no pics though, too engrossed in the chatting!) until it was late, and popped by Mac for a bite. Here's the special order for the preggy babe~


Yea, she was craving for fillet-o-fish drenched in tartar sauce! 

I didn't even know Mac's serving curly fries now! I'm so outdated... ><

Third day of 2010: We went around furniture-hunting for our place as we're getting rid of the built-in fixtures along with the tiles... oh my, read my next entry for more info please! Here's our lunch at Ikea~ Went there with my parents-in-law, brother-in-law and dear...

*This backdated entry was posted on 4 Jan 2013

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