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06 August 2012

Canteen food

I'm really fortunate to be posted to a school with great colleagues, great RO, great students (most XD) and great canteen food!! ♥

These are photos posted in my Facebook album "Canteen Diary" in 2012. I'm gonna share them here now, enjoy! :D

Noodles from two different Chinese noodle stalls

My typical breakfast in school

Chinese rice and horfun

27 June 2012 lunch with my colleagues

28 June 2012 my colleagues' lunches

29 June 2012 my colleague's lunch from the Malay rice stall

3 July 2012 breakfast from western food stall

3 July 2012 lunching with colleagues

4 July 2012
Top: my lunch of rice, egg, chilli wedges and bean sprouts
Bottom: colleague's lunch of rice, achar, rendang beef and fishballs

9 July 2012 taken over a week

10 July 2012 laksa and prawn noodles beehoon at $1.50 each

27 July 2012 taken over a couple of weeks

I was having an unbearable back pain and my sweet colleagues bought lunch from canteen for me so that I won't have to climb up and down the 3 storeys in pain

*This backdated entry was posted on 4 Jan 2013

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