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24 August 2012

The delivery

23 Aug 2012
This morning at 7+ I started to feel this cramp... Like menstrual cramp... And was having urge to pee and poo. The cramp comes like every 10 to 15 minutes, and each time I rushed to the toilet to pee and poo.

Later on the cramp gets more and more painful and frequent, and I still run to the loo in pain each time. I alerted hubby who was sleeping, at slightly pass 8am and he quickly got ready while I continued to rush in and out of the loo. At 8:40am, I see a watery bloody mess on my panty liner, probably the show and a sign that the water bag has broken.

Coincidentally hubby saw doc yesterday and was given two-day MC, so he was at home and quickly rushed me down to TMC. I was going mad in pain on the way and the slow rush-hour traffic was really getting onto our nerves... and finally we arrived at TMC at 9 plus.

While hubby was doing the admission at the lobby, I requested for gas in the observation ward and was wriggling and struggling with the pain. The nurses asked if I really didn't want epidural but I was in too much pain to even bother answering them. I was quickly dilated from 2 cm upon arrival to 8 cm in around 30 minutes and was sent to the delivery ward. Hubby was anxious to find me gone from the observation ward when he returned from the lobby and was directed to the delivery ward. I too was anxious to be in the delivery ward alone without him and hoping he could be back in time to witness the birth of his baby.

Eventually the pushing came and I was just super tired from the pushing as I haven't had breakfast. Stubborn baby slipped back each time I stopped pushing, so after pushing for an hour, my gynae was called in to use vacuum on the baby. Had a jab for the episiotomy and after the encouragements from hubby, the midwives and the gynae, plus a few more pushes that expended all my energy, the baby was finally out.

The doc got hubby to cut the umbilical cord while I was totally shagged out. I was lying there motionless when the doc was stitching me up. He said I was fast for first timer and have very high tolerance for pain. I was just too exhausted to react...

Baby was delivered just before 12 noon, measuring 3.36 kg and 50 cm. And here she is, saying, "hello world!"

24 Aug 2012
A photo summary :P

I'll miss being served and well taken care of by the professionals in my premium suite.

This entry is made up of two entries which were uploaded in another blog using blogger iphone app while in hospital bed and later edited to add in more details.

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