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07 February 2013

First time baking with Happy Call pan

"Mummy, can't I have two more licks of that book?"

This was for lunch on Tuesday. 

I digged out whatever ingredients I have and intended to use my Happy Call pan for the first time. I was so excited about it that I kept looking at Happy Call pan recipes on munchministry.com and shortlisting recipes that I'd love to try. On Tuesday, I intended to make mushroom baked pasta with the Happy Call pan, and also wanna use the sandwich maker from Daiso to make an egg and cheese sandwich.

As I was cooking for myself, I prepared small portions and I sauteed the sliced mushroom and cooked egg and cheese together on the pan.

Using sandwich maker to make my egg and cheese sandwich. I was afraid that the pocket sandwich would burst with too much filling, so I only used a portion of the one egg I cooked.

Added boiled pasta into the pan, then cheese and Italian herbs.

My lunch - egg and cheese pocket sandwich, mushroom baked pasta and a side of the leftover egg and cheese on fresh lettuce.

Yesterday, hubby took an off day and we went to Woodlands industrial estate to "sweep" through the factories with food direct sales again. This time it's a good day to shop as it's not a rainy day, it's a weekday so it wasn't crowded, and MIL came with us. We went home with the car boot full of frozen stuff and CNY goodies!

 The top 3 pics were taken in Fragrance (bak kwa), while the bottom 2 pics taken in Fassler.

My favourite buy from the trip - these 2 trays cost 6 bucks altogether!!

Gasp! Our CNY goodies that hubby and MIL bought or received as gifts. (O_o)!!

After the trip to Woodlands, hubby and I brought baby out and wanted to buy the air fryer for MIL as she's been raving about it after using it at SIL's place. But alas, it's out of stock! But luckily oh luckily it was, because today, BIL offered to pass his air fryer to us as he hardly uses it.

I bought stuff from Popular and NTUC. 
Top: Going to start a DIY flash cards project soon! 
Bottom: Wanna try baking with the Happy Call pan! 

Today's breakfast - MIL bought vegetarian beehoon from Kovan when she went to the market in Kovan in the morning.

And today I decided to bake with my Happy Call pan. I am very interested in marble cakes as it seemed fun creating the swirls... haha I'm such a little kid!

I surfed around the internet for recipes and finally I used these 2 as references:
Reference 1 | Reference 2

And using these 2 references, I created this draft last night:

Why did I create my own recipe? Well, I didn't want to buy a tin of unsweetened cocoa powder just to use 2 teaspoons... I don't think I'll be baking that often. So in the end I bought the chocolate essence for much cheaper. I'm just being... stingy. Hahaha~ That's why the chocolate portion of my final product also not as dark compared to the pictures in the references above. =P

But while baking I made some changes too, so here's the changes of my final recipe:
250g self raising flour (adding milo will make it watery)
4 eggs (changed to 4 eggs because the eggs I'm using are rather smallish)

I guess next time I will not make the milo but just mix the milo powder. Oh, and remember to whisk after adding each egg and after adding the vanilla essence, as my instructions weren't specific... lazy to type on my phone lah =P

For better and more complete recipes, please look at my two references.

At the beginning. I'm so grateful MIL has the kitchen scale and electric hand whisk!

Inside the Happy Call pan, getting ready to be baked! Oh, I drew vertical and horizontal lines instead of a figure of 8.

The final product ^^

The top and bottom were burnt. Now the story goes... it was supposed to be baking on low heat but somehow as I was shifting the pan from side to side, MIL realized that the fire went out. And we started ranting about how the stove is so so bad because the low heat always goes out and in the end we were forced to use medium heat, which tend to burn things that need to be cooked with low heat. And yes, because of that, I switched to medium heat and also extended the time a bit as I wonder if the fire was out for long... in the end the top and bottom "skin" of the cake was charred but I "skinned" the cake and the rest was super yummy! So I still consider this a successful attempt, with a little sabotage by the stove. XD

Frankly, everything will be so much easier baking in the oven! I stood by the stove and kept moving the pan around, and then it was quite heavy to flip too. But it's quite an experience... at least now I can tell people that I've baked with my Happy Call pan! ^^

Love my own cake creation ♥

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