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14 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D

My lovely Valentine's day morning: woke up earlier to make V-day breakfast for hubby to bring to work, then latched baby back to sleep and lay right next to her I'm bed, and watched her woke up - looked around for me, smiled at me and streeeetched. So cute, feel so full of love just lying there watching her. It'll be a wonderful day!! ♥

But on this wonderful day, I had to go to school for a while to do my "declaration". Sigh, I dunno why I had to do stuff when I'm on no-pay leave. Hello, I'm not paid a single cent to check email! I'm not paid a single cent to fill in forms! Why? Why still want to come bother me huh? T_T And because my VPN doesn't work - deactivated because I'm on no-pay leave *DUH* - so I had to go back to school to get it done. Gaaaaaahh!

After the trip made specially down to school, I was hungry and wanted to eat lunch at the Koufu in Sengkang with nice vegetarian food... the vegetarian stall which I like and blogged about in some of previous entries.

That's the Koufu foodcourt... finally took a pic of it. And below is my lunch. It doesn't look nice with a lack of colour variety... but it was good!

Yam rice with curry veggies, braised beancurd skin and the fried stuff was a mixture of fried cauliflower and fried broccoli. Not bad, and cost me $3.60 for the huge plate.

Went to get some stuff before heading home... these are what I bought today! Grundig hand blender, a bamboo mat for rolling maki sushi (in the mood for making sushi these days), a sketchbook and colour pencils (for planning my new projects - I have so many in mind - and I can start drawing in front of baby and hopefully she'll love drawing too!), a baby food recipe book in Chinese (so that I can share it with my mum and MIL), a hot pink Tommee Tippee bib, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes and two avocados.

Preparing to start baby on solid! But in the end I didn't use the booster seat which was a gift we received on baby's full month celebration, because it was all moldy inside. >< We haven't bought a high chair for baby! Luckily hubby bought this:

Hello baby, are you ready for your first solid food?

No no, baby! That's not your first solid food, so stop eating the card!! XD

This was shot before I started feeding her... she was crying because I snatched the card away from her... *lol* Poor baby, but don't worry, you'll be getting real food!!

And finally... oooo yum! She enjoyed her avocado treat!!

"Mummy, can I have more please?" And she grabbed the spoon... it was a tug o' war with the spoon after shooting this photo above. LOL! But she ate and ate and I lost count of how many times I fed her...

I made a little open sandwich with the rest of the slice of avocado (I used 1/4 of the avocado and kept the rest in the freezer) and had it for my tea break. It was yum!! :D

And guess what? Our Valentine's day dinner was a treat from MIL! It was a sumptuous spread at Canton Paradise, with hubby, baby, parents-in-law, sister-in-law and her family. There were 10 of us! :D Luckily PILs and I, along with baby, hopped by earlier and gotten ourselves a table. When I was returning from the nursing room, the long queues snaking around outside the other restaurants (and decorated with expensive bouquets of flowers) scared me! I would be so traumatized to have to stand in one of those outrageous queues just to get dinner. But wait, haven't I been through that? Sigh, guess it's a sign that I'm getting older. Haha...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day too! ^^

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