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04 February 2013

Last weekend before lunar new year

Went out to town in with baby for brunch in the late morning with 2 lovely ladies - a fellow mummy Mich and a mum-to-be Meh

Our beverages - I had red rooibos latte

Our brunches

Meh's rosti

Mich's pasta

My rosti with sauteed mushrooms

Gifts from Meh for baby and me! :D

Oh, I discovered baby's teeth in the morning!

Bought these snacks before heading home from town

Keelyn came to visit in the afternoon and bought a gorgeous personalized romper for my little precious! We watched one episode of my fav Japanese home-revamp show《超级全能住宅改造王》(Before/After) and catched up a bit before she left in the evening.

Hubby and I wanted to go to Woodlands industrial estate to buy some CNY goodies, just like previous years. But unfortunately it started raining super heavily on the way, and so we decided to catch lunch first and ended up at Yishun Safra Club. We were at Eatzi but unfortunately the only vegetarian dish - vegetarian pizza - was sold out.

While waiting for lunch to be served

Hubby's chicken chop

My special order - vegetarian pasta - which is not in the menu

Hot tea and dessert that come with hubby's set lunch

After lunch at Bengawan Solo factory

It's not as crowded as past years as it was a rainy day

Dinner at my folks' place - my favourite food - mum's cooking!

Vegetarian fish fingers, yong tauhu with mock mutton and stirfried lettuce

Lotus root soup with peanuts, mock mutton, red dates and ginger

It was a great and yummy weekend! :D

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