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01 February 2013

Third entry of today

This entry is all about today. I went out for my manicure and pedicure session today, and took this photo along the way.

I love the trees and the beautiful sky. After watching a TV show on channel 8 last night which kept discussing about the population white paper, talking about how in future buildings will be over 50-storey high to accommodate the increasing population of locals and otherwise... i shuddered at the thought that in future, my kids (hopefully I'll give my little precious a sibling but seriously, the baby bonus does not compensate for the stress that both parents and children have to go through living in this highly competitive society) and their kids may not be able to see much of the beautiful sky on the ground, as 70-storey high flats will be built front to front, back to back, side to side to accommodate everyone... that's if the island haven't sink and they live to see that day... I really hope the lovely trees and the beautiful won't go. But I know if more flats need to be build to accommodate the increasing population, it is inevitable, and I feel really sad deep down inside. Why has Singapore become like this? Life used to be so much happier in the past. Taking the MRT was comfy, people were gracious, and it wasn't so stressful. What happened? I love the Singapore when I was younger, I definitely dislike the Singapore now. Like a friend mentioned in his Facebook: "The thing is, land is scare and resource limited. People stressed and make less baby. Then u get more immigrants, making land more scare, resource more limited, people more stressed, and lesser babies... How does it work exactly?" Exactly. And his friend commented, "maybe the KPI for ministers should be linked to Gross National Happiness Index rather than GDP..." Well, I am not in any position to set the KPI for anyone at all, but I must say, I want happiness more than anything else. Of course, that's not all of the discussion. In fact many friends have been commenting on this issue and we've all been in heated discussion together on Facebook. But I guess not every comment is suitable for publishing here in public, and if I really do copy all of them here, this entry will just go on and on. Oh well. Why is it that we like to complain? Because we can only complain as everything's so not within our control. We are mere commoners.

My lunch above... nothing fantastic. Was at the vegetarian stall at Punggol Plaza's Koufu. The stall which, well, sells nothing fantastic. I'm usually fussy about my veggies and the veggies there are not nice, so I did not order any veggies. Ordered tofu, yam roll and mock fish, which is too salty. Cost me $4.30... the vegetarian stalls at Rivervale Mall and Sengkang Sculpture Park's Koufu are so much better, with greater variety of food, yummier stuff and more reasonably priced too.

My pedicure, before and after.

My manicure, before and after. Remember my broken nail

Yesterday I broke my nail when washing baby's bath tub and it was utterly painful to deal with the pain and bathe baby and do the chores and especially awkward when shampooing my hair. Today my manicurist did a good job in covering it up with a tip and sparkling gelish colour. Haha~ Now my nails are all ready for Chinese new year!!

Bought these stuff after my manicure and pedicure session, and then went home.

Edamame, super vegetarian balls, baiye tofu, silky tofu, potato, carrot, Meiji fresh milk, Meiji yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt drink, baked almonds and maple syrup. Preparing to steam tofu and cook ABC soup. Wanted to get maple syrup because I can use it to replace sugar when making tamagoyaki. And munching on nuts increase my milk supply, so bought the baked almonds to boost my nursing power~!

Spent some time hanging out with my little precious

Then it's time to cook! Threw in some of the cherry tomatoes too. Heh~

Used MIL's 2-in-1 pot that can be used for cooking in the pot plus steaming on the top layer. Helps to save gas as MIL claims gas is getting more and more expensive!

I already added the baiye tofu last but they still expanded so much in the soup!

ABC soup with vegetarian balls, steamed tofu with fresh mushrooms and topped with shredded seaweed, edamame and fresh cherry tomatoes, plus Meiji yogurt for dessert. Itadakimasu!!

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