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13 February 2013

Chinese new year 2013

First, let's look at my little precious' outfits for the past 3 days! :D

Daddy bought the dress and Hello Kitty sneakers from mummy's friend

We quickly gave her Sophie as she discovered that her shoes are just as chewy ><

Mummy bought the dress and socks online

And no, we didn't train her, but she quickly grabs any angpow that comes within reach!

The dress and bottom are both gifts from a mummy's friend

And there are more new clothes!!

Now comes the yummilious food!

Day 1 at my uncle's place. My grandma used to cook vegetarian fried beehoon and lotus root soup on the first day of CNY. This year, my grandma is no longer around to join us for celebration, but the tradition stays with us.

Many visitors at my place - hubby's relatives - and MIL cooked up a storm at home!

Dinner on day 1 of CNY... more pics...

MIL specially put aside a bowl of curry with lots of potatoes just for me, because I'm the curry freak! This is my dinner ^^

MIL also made these with the air fryer for hubby and his nephews.

These are just some of the CNY goodies at home... there are more unopened ones! ><

At the end of day 1... "Hello, mummy just wiped me while daddy counted my angpow money!"

CNY day 2 lunch at my parents' place before heading down to my ah-yi's place. Vegetarian steamboat! :D

Dinner at home on the second day of CNY ^^

The french giraffe in my french bag! This is actually what I carry whenever I'm out with baby... my hot pink Longchamp as my diaper bag, and baby's Sophie always with us. =)

I know this is not food but I couldn't help it... I took freaking too many photos of baby on this day! Just sharing some of them =)


And more! "I drooled too much so mummy had to put the bib on me."

We were at hubby's colleague's place and the host catered buffet for the guests.

The spread!

Then we headed down to my friend's place where baby had her first swing experience! That's my friend's daughter watching baby on her swing.

My friend bought a laugh-a-lot Care Bear for baby, and realized they have the same "hairstyle"! XD

We had lou hei~

And dinner was a sumptuous spread from Pizza Hut delivery!!


This morning. Cute!!

Today's dinner.

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