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22 February 2013

The weekdays

I guess it's a bit overwhelming to update my blog every single day, so I'm gonna post once for the weekdays and once for the weekends, which makes it around twice a week if I were to keep up with blogging. And this was a week with many outings for baby and me! So yup, this is yet another photo-intensive entry!!

Monday - A trip to Crystal's place and guacamole tea break

On Monday, I headed down to Crystal's place... and it's like visiting Marine World~ *LOL* Look at that big aquarium, and it's not the only aquarium in her place!

Big fishes and tiny baby...

Baby's first experience in a Bumbo seat!

My baby and Crystal's second baby.

I brought ingredients and made guacamole! :D

1 avocado
5 cherry tomatoes
A dash of lemon juice (I brough 1/4 lemon)
A dash of Tabasco sauce
A dash of pepper
A dash of salt

Mix and serve. ^^ Simple huh? Haha~

I couldn't find plain chips so I bought Doritos. We also had the leftover cherry tomatoes that I brought, and she served me chilled longan drink... We enjoyed the guacamole and mopped the bowl clean! Baby got a couple mouthfuls of plain avocado too ^^

Hello fishes, stingrays and eels...

Crystal shared with me this yummy muruku snack!

And her elder son was back from childcare and enjoyed a tea break.

This cute little choc cupcake with molten chocolate inside is nice!

Her boy and my girl~

I'm still fascinated with her hair... and so do all my friends! XD

Sweet Crystal gimme this for baby, and gave baby a big angpow! I really need to give her a treat!!

Dinner - MIL bought vegetarian mock mutton curry and rice. From Punggol Plaza Koufu and... I don't find the curry nice. Edible yes, but not really yummy.

Baby had brown rice cereal for the first time on Monday!

Tuesday - Yummy homecooked lunch at Lizzy's place

Then... it's Tuesday! XD I made breakfast on Tuesday.

2 slices of bread
1 slice of cheese
1 egg
1 cherry tomato, chopped

Scramble the egg with cherry tomato.
Serve hot on a slice of bread and quickly top it with a slice of cheese.
Top with another slice of bread and let the cheese melt into the hot scrambled egg.

Heading out to Lizzy's place on Tuesday! And my girl's all dressed up on this rainy day~ Another mummy joined us at Lizzy's place and we had a great lunch together!

Lizzy's a great cook! She cooked this super yummy mushroom pasta for us, and made the world's best garlic cheese toasts... they're just soooo good, crispy and flavourful! Lizzy also made nutella bread pudding which tasted so good and satisfying! I'm so gonna try to make some nutella bread pudding myself on another day... once I got home, I started researching on bread pudding recipes!

With Lizzy's son... while our babies enjoyed each other's company, we enjoyed one another's company over good food and a cuppa hot tea for me, coffee for Lizzy. 

And the food was so good that when Lizzy offered, I unabashedly said yes to bringing more food home for dinner! :D

Wednesday - Just another day at home

On Wednesday, MIL made soya bean milk with the soya milk maker I bought for her, and bought lunch for me too!

Apple strudel for breakfast! :D

MIL bought lontong for me before she left... she added the begedil and wanted to pack them separately so it wouldn't get soggy, but the staff was too fast XD

I was home alone with baby and while she's sleeping, I tried to make the nutella bread pudding in the air fryer using a lazy-mummy recipe I created, but failed... so I'm not sharing the recipe yet.

This was what I did: Cut away the crusts of 3 slices of bread and spread nutella. Used the crust and made french toast sticks with egg and the air fryer. While the french toast sticks were frying, I prepared the bread pudding. Then baked the bread pudding in the air fryer. I added too little egg (used too much for the french toast perhaps) and too much water (I should really use chocolate milk and not instant milo!), so the outcome was too wet and soggy. It still tasted great nonetheless... what won't if it tasted like nutella? Hahahaha!

MIL returned in the afternoon and there were only MIL and me at home, along with baby, so MIL went downstairs and bought dinner for the two of us - rice, eggs and sambal kang kung, plus achar from the fridge.

Thursday - Baby's jabs and lunch at PS

Went to baby's PD clinic for her 6-month check and jabs with hubby before he went off for work. After he dropped me at the MRT station, I took a train to Dhoby Ghuat where I met fellow mummies for lunch at Plaza Singapura (PS).

Nursing room at PS

Having lunch here!

Some of our drinks

Lizzy and I shared this

Angel had this

Cam's prawn, egg and avocado sandwich

My portion of the pasta, with cheese and chilli flakes added

Lizzy and I both had this... it was good!

The babies enjoying themselves.

My baby while at different places in PS

Got home and baby started to develop a fever and a very bad flu. Hubby had to buy some stuff for his work trip and so we went to the neighbourhood shops and I bought these.

Cooling adhesive for my feverish baby, pins for DIY projects and a spatula for my nonstick pans.

Poor baby =( She was crying and whining out loud even as she's falling asleep, and even after she's fell asleep. She woke up shortly after, crying away, and we wiped her down with a damp cloth. As we wiped, she was crying so miserably, almost like screaming yet not that loud as she didn't have the energy to do so. I was so heartbroken and felt so helpless (T_T)

Friday - More bread pudding and hubby flew off

Posted this on Instagram in the morning.

"My little trooper fell asleep after meds and latch... Get well soon my precious little one, fighting!!"

And I tried to make Nutella bread pudding again. This time, I loosely followed this recipe:
Ovenhaven's Surplus Sunday Nutella chocolate bread pudding

Getting the ingredients ready and preparing my bread pudding for some "air frying"!

My own version has 3 slices of (many-days-old) bread instead of 4, thus 3/4 cup of (Meiji) chocolate milk. Mine has no sugar and I added a teaspoon of vanilla essence instead =) Also, in my version of the recipe, I use alumimium foil to make a little baking dish, just nice for the bread rolls to fit in. This time round I didn't remove the crust on the bread, and I baked at 170 °C in the air fryer for 25 minutes.

Tick-tock-tick-tock-ing away...

Finally, a successful bread pudding! ^^v

Here is my Ovenhaven-inspired recipe:

3 slices of day-old bread
1 egg
3/4 cup chocolate milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Spread Nutella over each slice of bread generously, roll it up, and cut into four rolls. 
Place the rolls into a disposable dish made using aluminium foil.
In a bowl, whisk egg, chocolate milk and vanilla essence.
Pour the mixture onto the rolls.
Preheat air fryer to 170 °C.
Leave mixture aside for about 5 – 10 minutes, for the mixture to be absorbed.
If desired, you may drizzle some Nutella on top. 
 Bake in air fryer at 170 °C for 25 mins.
Leave to cool for about 5-10mins.

This is taken under natural light at the dining room.

Love it! ♥

Hubby is flying off soon =( and so we fix up the play yard for baby before he left, as he won't be around for a month. Don't worry, the toys are inside "just for show"... lol. I mean for photo taking ya? I won't allow her to be hanging out in a play yard full of danger in case she knocks against any of the toys' edges or climbs onto the standing toy in an attempt to "prison break" and falls over. Baby fell asleep while inside the play yard. Well, I'm just so glad that after much rest, baby's getting better.

And so we went to the airport together to send hubby off. This was taken at Terminal 2 - very good deco that transformed from a Christmas tree into a CNY deco that resembles a Christmas tree XD

Dinner together at Breeks... we queued at Sakae Sushi first but the queue was long.

Hubby and I shared the cream of mushroom.

Vegan pasta for me.

Hubby's pasta, and he complained that his portion's so much smaller compared to mine! XD

BIL's sausages...

And his girlfriend's salmon dish.

We shared some cheesy fries.

And the rest of them shared these BBQ buffalo wings too.

Last pic and not a good end of the day. BIL sent us home and my nail broke. Guess what? My nail broke while I was scratching inside my ear! I can't believe my nails have become so brittle! =(

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