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01 February 2013

Second entry of today

My breakfast on Monday... just my last mouthful of it. XD Egg and cheese and wholemeal bread. And yes my nails need to be trimmed!

Lunch, on dunno which day... can't remember. Instant noodles with some mock stuff and the last of those vegetarian golden green dumplings, seen also in the previous entry.

Oh, I had to get more clothes for my little precious as she's growing out of her clothes real fast! But I guess all babies are like that, right?

Breakfast on one of the past few days lol... I really can't remember... but I had the same breakfast for a few days - wholemeal bread with lots of fresh lettuce and a slice of cheese. MIL was at home so I'm not cooking. She's walking pass in the background and that wall right in front is decorated with my baby's photos, all taken before her full month celebration. =)

MIL went to the vegetarian stall in Sengkang which we both fell in love with, and bought dinner for us. I had this fish chop with rice. There're 2 slices of fried mock fish and lots of ingredients... definitely worth every cent! In fact this was only $3.50 (and add $0.20 for the container), very cheap compared to the vegetarian stall at Punggol Plaza.

Yesterday morning... I broke my nail while washing baby's bath tub and preparing for her bathe. OUCH! *sobs* That really hurt a lot!! Yes I know my nails need trimming, but my manicure appointment was today! I was waiting for my appointment and it was rather unfortunate that my nail broke the day before. T_T

And guess what? 祸不单行啊!=( I spilt my milk after pumping... my precious precious liquid gold.

Anyway looking on the bright side, my little precious has been nice and sweet and cute, just like any other days! Fresh and happy after her bath, in her new romper. =)

I brought baby out to Rivervale Mall to meet a colleague and we had lunch at food court. There's now a vegetarian stall there. The last time I went, quite long ago, there was no vegetarian stall. I had the brown rice as I missed having brown rice and didn't go back to my parents' place last weekend.

Brown rice with curry vege, firm beancurd filled with beansprouts and shredded carrots, and "cereal prawns" made with deep fried cauliflower... I didn't know it was fried cauliflower and had a pleasant surprise when I bit into it. I love it and haven't had fried cauliflower for a long time!

My colleague treated me dessert. Love this gingko, barley and beancurd skin dessert! :D

We went for a short walk in Daiso as I had another "appointment" to rush to.

Was in a hurry so just grabbed 5 items from the kitchen ware region. One sandwich maker, one heart-shaped pancake ring for frying heart-shaped egg, a pack of 4 small containers for baby food, a packet of yummy snack, and a tamagoyaki pan which is right at the bottom.

My other "appointment" is to collect these! Ordered the Tell Me Why DVDs set and gotten 10 bilingual fairy tale story books for free! What a deal, I'm so not gonna miss it! So I went to the flat near Rivervale Mall to collect the items. :D I love the show so much, I still can sing the Mandarin theme song of Tell Me Why! 为什么? 为什么? 为什么?! XD

I like the vegetarian food at the stall so I went back to grab my dinner before going home. Brown rice with veggies, beancurd and brinjal =) Both my lunch and dinner cost $3.30 each, very reasonable price. :D

After we got home, baby had a short nap. Nowadays she loves to turn to her side while sleeping. In fact, yesterday morning she flipped for the first time in her sleep when she was lying on her side. Woke up crying on her front... but she never flipped when she's awake. Haha.

At night after baby has finally fallen asleep, I tried making tamagoyaki for the third time, with the new tamagoyaki pan.

Besides the fact that the egg white and egg yolk weren't mixed properly, it was pretty successful! :D

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