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10 March 2013

The rest of the week

I guess it won't be any surprise if I say this will be another photo-intensive entry! XD I've already posted about Monday in the previous entry, so this updates about the rest of the week ^^

Yes I made pancakes again. And baby was so funny, rolled over to my leg and cuddled it... cuteness overload. Oh well, I'm in a lazy mode so I guess I'll just let the captions speak for themselves...

MIL cooked dinner.

My sleeping child :)

This advanced "birthday present" came in the mail... A DIY "present" and a voucher. The mini DIY present is actually a magnet, with a thin piece of magnet stuck to the back of the cut-out.

Started on my first planting project! :D

Baby had avocado again... she loves avocado!!

Separate into 3 portions and she finished everything in 3 days! I don't get any avocado this time ><

Picnic lunch in baby's play yard... Actually she refuses to stay inside alone so I have to stay inside with her and slowly help her adapt so she will stay inside when I go back to work.

Dinner with my parents-in-law (and baby tagging along of course!) at a nearby food court. Oh, MIL and I are obsessed with the yummy tofu dish! XD


A handful of toes! In the morning after baby just woke up ^^

Lunch with the mummies at Din Tai Fung before going for Takashimaya Baby Fair! :D

And then we came here for tea break after shopping... it's actually full on a weekday afternoon! Took this cute piccy of Cam and her adorable little queen while queuing to get in...

Although Paul Bakery & Patisserie has no high chairs for babies and is quite tight for strollers, nothing can stop four persistent mummies with four adorable babies wanting a good afternoon teabreak after bashing through the baby fair at Takashimaya Square. We are the unbeatable mummies! Hoho~ 

Cam recommended this place to buy dinner and I'm so glad I did! This is such a wholesome salad wrap that kept me very satisfied and happy =)
That's the only thing I bought for my little darling - a pink Philips Avent spout cup for 6 months onwards. It's her first sippy cup~ ^^


High tea with my dear colleague at Olio Cafe! :D Hooked on high tea yea? Haha! And baby enjoyed herself too with her first Heinz teething rusk.

On the way home with my little precious looking pretty~ ^^


On my way back to my parents' place in a cab! Will be staying over at my parents' place for a week. In fact I'm updating this in my parents' place~ This day would be a very busy day when I had to travel all over Singapore ><

My parents went out to buy groceries and came back with lunch for me from a vegetarian stall =)

At my friend's place for the full month celebration of her second son ^^

Baby fell asleep along the way from west to east, and a little girl passed her a balloon when she woke up at my friend's place... and this was her looking up at the strange little ball bobbing in the air above her... haha~

High tea buffet was served~ ^^

"Now how do I cook this?"

Having some dessert, while baby decided she'd ditch cooking and eat her 'saucepan' XD

Then I rushed home, east to west, to join my parents and rush down to the east again for a family reunion dinner at Tung Lok in Chinese Swimming Club. Isn't it smart to have reunion dinner after CNY to really eat in peace, savour the delicious food and enjoy the great company? :D

Baby's second teething rusk experience... but she dropped it pretty soon =/

And dinner was served! :D This is "pan fried vegetarian duck served with the crispy beancurd skin"... oh yes, I still have the menu with me. In fact my parents passed it to me after we got home and I was like YAY! I get to update all the information of the dishes accurately this time! :D

Here's the real duck dish for the rest of the relatives... while individual serving of droolicious vegetarian dishes were served to my family.

Baby fell asleep so I ended up eating over her head while she slept in the Ergo carrier~

"Double boiled bamboo mushrooms and cabbage soup"

"Braised homemade beancurd and bai ling fungus served with greens"

Awesome family dinner with pool view! It wasn't early though... everyone has left the pool, and it's also gonna be pass baby's bedtime...

While the rest of the lovely people shared the usual courses... there were 6 adults and 1 toddler sharing those dishes at my table.

"The eight treasures"

Oh, and baby woke up.

"Steamed rice with vegetarian (?!) served in a mini claypot"

I missed this dessert so much I was swelling with happiness when they serve the same dessert again! Yes we've had our reunion dinner here before... and this is "chilled fresh mango, pomelo and sago topped with ice cream served in young coconut". Now how good does that sound? It's really one of the most awesome dessert ever!!


Enjoying my weekend breakfast with my parents at their place, the usual combo (vegetarian beehoon + noodles + veggies + chilli) and now with an additional spring roll... It's great to be back for a week and just hang out with my folks! ♥

No high chair at my parents' place so the other time, we brought the bamboo baby chair to my parents' place so that we can have baby sitting in it while we're eating or while she's eating =)

My dad's new phone! My brother has been teaching him to use his first ever smart phone and started a Facebook account for my dad too! This was me uploading my baby's photo in his Facebook, with the caption (in Chinese), "My grand daughter's at my place! :D" It's his first photo upload in Facebook ^^

Mum cooked lunch~ Soup with lettuce, mock fish, mock chicken and potatoes. And some leftover braised mock duck from a previous meal.

Brought baby out in the evening for dinner gathering with my primary school buddies. And baby fell asleep while I was browsing around in the very crowded Kiddy Palace...

Baby wasn't very happy that she has to sit with strangers when she just woke up from her nap and we were already seated inside LENAS/MOF, and she saw my 2 hunky guy friends.

So she had to face me (that's the 2 hunks! XD) until she's warmed up with my friends...

Bought this from Kiddy Palace... and it's not good to use at all... miss my Tommee Tippee baby nail clipper at home. Unfortunately it wasn't available at the Kiddy Palace when I was there so I bought this, which is the cheapest choice. Sigh... bad choice! Should have remembered to bring baby's nail clipper along to my parents' place ><

My friend took this photo and sent me... haha she looked like she's demanding for food! LOL~


Some king prawns dish with lots of carbs =P

Some meaty dish... (this is what happens when I have no menu LOL)

My yasai tempura curry rice (the only dish I remember)

Another meaty dish lol

Some cutlet and some ramen?

Onion rings!

Waiting for my special order... my free dessert for MOF members in birthday month. Yes, I want it NOW! LOL~

Taadaa~ My free dessert! Yes!!

And yes, my next entry will be all about my birthday! :D Stay tuned~ ^^

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