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23 May 2013


Oopsie, I haven't been updating my blog...

The fact is I wanna spend as much time with baby as possible that I haven't touched my MacBook for ages!! Hope to blog a bit before I go back to work... but seriously, my baby is more important and I haven't started working on the DIY flash cards project that I've been planning to do! *oopsie*

Alrighty, just a little on our anniversary staycation at Resorts World Resorts Singapore in April, also baby's first staycation =)

Checking in at Festive Hotel, RWS =)

Dinner on the second day at Hard Rock Cafe. My "Veggie Leggie" burger - roasted pepper, portobello mushroom, zucchini on a veggie and legumes (leggie?) patty on a bed of tomato and lettuce with a side of crispy fries ^^

And part of my buffet breakfast on the third and last day at FIESTA in Festive Hotel.

Oh before I go join my baby in bed, check out this Trudeau Fuel giveaway on Bento Makes Me Happy by Yenn! :D

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