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31 July 2013


Yes, it's unbelievable how time flies! We're already in the midst of preparing for my little one's big birthday party as she's turning one next month.

And why am I updating my blog now? Because I'm home! I'm home because I'm on childcare sick leave... and that's because my poor little darling is down with HFMD. =(

But yea, teachers are such busy people. I would never have updated this blog if I'm not on childcare leave! My poor blog has been neglected since I've gone back to work. Awww...

Oh well, since I've logged in and I'm here writing this entry... might as well do a little update ^^ so here's a little about the past one month or so...

Before school reopens, my cousin and I met up for lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes... I love this place and I've made my cousin fell in love too. Heh~

Dinner at Canton Paradise with my hubby and his family... we come here pretty often.

30 June was a Sunday and MIL made this yummy dessert in the morning. 

And the evening was spent at my folks' place where we enjoyed my mum's simple homecooked fare for dinner.

6 July 2013 - all ready for cross country... nope I did not run by choice... teachers have to run.

After our cross country run, I joined some of my colleagues for lunch at Din Tai Fung.

8 July 2013 - It's a happy day because it's Youth Day! School holiday!! I get to stay in bed with baby till late morning. =) I really miss doing that after I went back to work... it's now my little indulgences on weekend (if there's no cross country or other school activities though) or holidays.

Met up with colleagues in the evening for dinner and the kids (not my baby though) get to play at the water fountain =)

10 July 2013 - CCA day. Brought the cadets out for beach cleaning under the scorching sun.

Bought myself dessert on 12 July... yummy durian-misu from emicakes.

Cousin and I were back at Paddington House of Pancakes on 13 July! That's how much we love it! Haha~

And I met a mummy-friend and her family for dinner... I used to bring baby out for playdates before I'm back at work... and I'm sure my baby misses mingling with her mates.

Hubby's birthday dinner at Canton Paradise... ^^

Out for maths trail on 22 July. MIL made red bean soup and packed a tub for me to bring to work... we had a quick lunch in the canteen before heading out for maths trail and our kind HOD bought drinks for all the teachers on duty. =)

23 July - just a simple brekkie in the school canteen.

24 July 2013 - I had a Hello Kitty strawberry cream bun from Breadtalk for brekkie while my colleague received a whole bunch of Hello Kitty cakepops for her birthday! We then headed down to Canton Paradise (again?! XD) for a little celebration over afternoon tea.

I totally love this session with a fellow co-worker... we managed to leave school early and had a great time catching up and sharing our woes and updating our lives over high tea. This was a much needed session for me as I've been bottling up so much stuff and I really need a confidant... thank you for being my listener.

A belated birthday treat for my mum! With my parents, my baby bro, his lovely fiance, plus my hubby and baby.

My bro recommended Hozen Cafe and we enjoyed the food to the max!

The lady boss was very friendly and warm, and kept introducing nice dishes to us... keke~

Last but not least... a new thermos food jar for baby's porridge! Who can resist Hello Kitty? Not me, not my daughter. Hohoho~ ^^ *happy mama and happy baby*

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