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07 September 2013

Staycation at Shangri-La (part 1)

We went for a 3-day-2-night staycation at Shangri-La over the National Day long weekend. Lucky baby had her second staycation before she even turned one, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, I didn't wanna go home! So here's some of the 100s of pics taken by yours truly over the 3 days~

While checking in, baby received a flag and she was waving it around! Unfortunately my instagram kept hanging when I tried to take videos with it ><

The friendly staff at Shangri-La gave her a balloon too!

My moccachino at Waterfall Cafe. The service was superb~!

Hubby's lunch.

And my lunch =) it's really good!

Preserving the love...

Baby enjoyed her lunch too... although her lunch was simply homecooked porridge. Heehee~

Inside Waterfall Cafe at Shangri-La Singapore.

Baby chilling by the pool~ ^^

Always anticipate this to happen if you are handing out free balloons! XD

Inside our spacious room =)

And we started checking out the room~

Baby in the playpen provided by the hotel, and our~pool-view balcony~

The thing about staying away from home with baby... our luggage was half filled with diapers and baby stuff, and gotta bring lots of baby food and snacks along too!

Such pathetic couple hubby and me are... bringing work along to staycation -_-

Hubby informed the hotel that we're celebrating our baby's first birthday and a hotel staff came to our room with this rich chocolate cake!

Baby wasn't shy with her at all and we decided to snap a shot of them enjoying each other's company. (=

"Look mama, no hands!" (cheeky little imp)

"Look papa, no hands!"

And baby fell asleep and enjoyed her first nap in Shangri-La.

The view from our balcony.

We're ready for dinner!

Drinks for 3! :D

Hubby's dinner at the cocktail reception for hotel guests at Garden Wing (if I remember correctly).

And my dinner.

Salad and dessert~

It was so good, I went for another round!

And more drinks for us too~

Hanging out at the deck where various activities conducted for kids were going on. 

Kids having fun =)

And this baby bathtub was provided by the hotel too after we called to request for it...

Stay tuned for more!! ^^

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