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21 September 2013

Staycation at Shangri-La (part 4)

And it's the last day of our 3-day staycation at Shangri-La...

I got crazy at the breakfast buffet again, as usual...

Hubby's much more in control! Haha~

More of mine~

More of hubby's~

Some more of mine!

Some more of hubby's~


Still mine.


Still mine. *OMG*

I shared this with baby~

One last shot of the lovely view from our room's balcony.

Before we left, we had some food at the cocktail bar.


Not a spread but the food was decent.

As usual, I took a lot, hubby took a little, and baby had her bread roll.


My lovely one.

More from me.


And a last shot before we left the lounge and left Shangri-La... byebye Shangri-La!

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