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13 September 2013

Staycation at Shangri-La (part 3)

The afternoon of day 2 at our staycation! :D

Met Mummy Cami and Baby Sophie at The Rose Veranda for high tea buffet ^^

My little darling munching on her teething rusk~

Love love!

The spread...


Yup, my sushi ^^

Cami's spread.

Woohoo desserts!

More desserts.

Even more desserts!

Oh yea!

Mummy Cami and Baby Sophie darling :)


More meat for Cami~

As our babies interact...

Dessert time!

Cheese and crackers.

The laksa station.

The salad station.

And more food.

Fried food and pastries were kept warm inside.

Steamed dim sum.

Scones for baby and me!

Baby girlie loves it ^^

And some more food before we leave :D

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