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04 March 2007

My colleagues love me!

Correction... it's "My EX-colleagues love me!" Haha~ Well, colleagues or ex-colleagues, what matter most is even though we no longer work together, we remain as friends. And these people definitely make terrific friends!!! :D Will definitely miss them lots!!!

Beware... This is a photo-intensive entry! Enjoy~ (^_^)

22 Feb 2007 A dinner treat at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Lao yu sheng~

The dishes...

More! Shared by 6 of us. :)

My colleague who paid get to try his luck at the lucky draw and he got these from his 2 draws.

28 Feb 2007 My last day in office where I meet these wonderful friends

My farewell lunch in the company by my department.

The lovely people ordered yummy Oishi pizzas!

Don't they look goooood? :P~~

I bought goodies to treat my dear ex-colleagues too! Here are only 2 of them. :)

28 Feb 2007 A dinner treat at NUS from my biathlon mixed relay partner

After work my ex-colleague Ken and I went to NUS to collect our goodie bags for the NUS biathlon 2007. We just wanna join for the kick of it as we are both newbies to such events. We participated in the Bi-Lite Open Mixed Relay category, and Ken swam 400m in the sea while I ran 2.5km today (4th March)!

On Wednesday we braved the rain (yea right, it was only drizzling) and went to NUS. I had wanted to be out celebrating my last day at work but in the end nothing concrete came outta it and Ken was nice enough to give me a treat! We were at... make a guess?

It's Munchie Monkey at NUS! The environment's quite nice and price reasonable too. :)

The menu.

Our drinks... Ken had a Peach Italian Soda while I had a Cafe Latte.

My Al Funghi ($5.50) which is OK, not terrific but nothing to complain about too... except that there're too much garlic, and I hate garlic. :P

Ken's Seafood Aglio Olio ($7.95) which Ken complained is too dry to his liking; he felt it's more like those kinda Chinese takeaway. Heh~

We also ordered the yummy desserts! :D~~~

In pic above is Italian Chocolate Cake (something similar to Warm Chocolate Cake at Bakerzin) and below is Apple Cobbler. *drools*

02 Mar 2007 KBox dinner buffet treat from the dear sweetie girls

Met my dear fellow lady engineers for a wonderful night at KBox! 6 of us booked a room in advance and we had the dinner buffet!!!

This sticker was given to us to stick on our sleeves to identify us at the buffet counters. :) No sticker? No food!

The spread of appetizers and cold dishes, inclusive of sushi and sashimi.

The spread of main course dishes... there's a free flow of chawanmushi!

The cook-as-you-order counter with the fresh meat and satay, as well as the fried food which were constantly replenished and piping hot! :D~~

And not forgetting... desserts!!! (can you imagine I actually walked around taking pics as the others were busy with the food? :P)

My first serving. :)

One of the girls ordered this from the cook-as-you-order counter.


More sushi!

Freshly grilled satays~

My second personal serving. :)

We were singing and enjoying the food and before we knew it, we had eaten a lot!

And yet more food were brought into the room as we took turns to go out and replenish our "stock". =X

Finally our drinks arrived... too bad drinks are still limited to one per head.

My longan soda drink.

More finger food from the girls!

Finally we've decided to start on the desserts...

And more desserts!!

At last... the ice cream! (^_^)v

It was fun and a great way to eat buffet at KBox as we have 4 hours to sing and eat and take our own sweet time to share and try out all the types of food offered at the buffet. :D

Thanks all my ex-colleagues for all the happy times spent in company, for their wonderful treats and for all the well wishes from them!!! I wish them all the best in everything in life, and may we stay friends forever! :D


Bon Appetit said...

cannot stand...me wanna eat XLB XLB XLB XLB XLB~~~~~~~~
then the pork ribs la mian...WHOA~ WHOA WHOA WHOA~~~~
*bang head on computer*
i lead a sad life

deedee said...

no lah dun say until so sad... u'd still have time for XLBs etc one. :) *throws XLB at cuzzie*