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22 February 2007

Around CNY 2007

15 Feb, Thursday, Dinner
Dinner at home... mum cooked a sumptuous soup with veggies and lots of mock stuff meant for steamboat!

16 Feb, Friday, Lunch
Lunching alone at Pioneer Mall as my workplace has plant shutdown...

16 Feb, Friday, Dinner
Reunion with my relatives at Capital Restaurant.

Please refer to my dear cousin's blog for the non-vegetarian dishes. =)

These are the vegetarian dishes.

The first dish~

The soup is more like sweet corn soup than mock sharksfin soup. The veggies also okok only. Nothing fantastic at all. Mummy cooks better sharksfin soup and veggies!

We love this dish best!

It's really good~~~ *drools*

This dish is actually beehoon, hidden under all those ingredients.

Close up of the beehoon in my plate. The beehoon was not soft enough. Not good.

Dessert is peanut paste.

16 Feb, Saturday, Dinner
Vegetarian steamboat dinner at home for reunion dinner with my family, and my dear joined us too! :D


Cooked stuff.

Mock pepper chop (above) and mock golden duck (below).

I can't wait le!!!

Finally~ (^_^)

Close ups!

Writing this entry made me super hungry!!!

The cooked stuff again.

Boiling away~

The longan sweet tea that my mum made... has lots of goodies in it like apples and wolfberries and lotus seeds etc! Yummy~

Vegetarian mock 肉干。

Vegetarian mock 鱿鱼。

This cute little "container" was a freebie from Yakult!~

Close up of the sweets!!

19 Feb, Monday, Lunch
Vegetarian steamboat lunch at my auntie's place, just like last year! :D~

Last year's CNY =)


Bon Appetit said...

ur vegetarian dishes looks not bad leh...so nice..steamboat...whoa whoa whoa..

keelyn said...

Nice Photographs Taken!!! I very wanted to take lots of photos for CNY, but don't dare leh...

deedee said...

hee i think i very dare these days... always stop ppl to let me take pics first b4 they eat... even my ex-colleagues complaining abt me... haha~