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21 February 2007

Random from Jan + Feb 2007

6 Jan - Buffet lunch with colleagues, provided after CEO's presentation at some hotel.

8 Jan - Late-night snacking at JP's Billy Bombers with cousin, bro and his girlfriend~

10 Jan - Just to tempt you with my colleagues' lunch at some coffeeshop... all meat thus not for me definitely!

25 Jan - Brunching alone at a very empty (weekday morning) Vivocity's Food Republic after my complimentary health checkup at HarbourFront Tower 1.

8 Feb - Farewell lunch in company for 2 colleagues who were leaving... called for KFC delivery and one vegetarian pizza just for me and fellow vegetarian colleagues. =)

14 Feb - Lunching at JP's Mac with colleagues cos one colleague needed to get some last min V-day pressie from JP *rolls eyes* and I had a cheese sandwich set from McCafe.


Bon Appetit said...

KFC....MC Donald....pizza hut....



deedee said...

hahaha... fast food only u OMG... wait till i post more from CJ - XLB!!!