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13 March 2007

2 hotdog buns for breakfast

And so I transformed them into hotdogs!

Hee~ I normally eat the hotdog buns plain with margarine only as in hurry to work... but since I'm not working in this month, I get to make real hotdogs for myself! :D

Last night mummy told me there were 2 hotdog buns left and ask if I wanna eat them for breakfast. I normally just take whatever kind of bread there is at home for breakfast... that's what everyone of us in this family does. But I guess since I'm no longer working, mummy does know that sometimes I go out and eat out etc. But I was telling her oh well, yup I'll eat them! And guess what? She knows I'm into making more "outstanding" breakfast these days when alone at home, so she said she'll leave 2 of those mock hotdog sausagesto defroze in the fridge so I can eat them this morning. Yay!!! Mummy is the best~ :D

And then I digged out an egg from the fridge too... (why do I always seem to make my fridge sounds like such a messy place that I had to dig things out? The fact is that our fridge at home is one of the neatest I've ever seen... definitely a lot neater than my messy room! =P)


Oh, and I'd be back to post pics of food taken in Bintan where I've just returned from yesterday. :D

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