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29 March 2007

Food from past few days

25 March 2007
Met Keelyn to watch Phantom of the Opera and we had lunch at Sakae Sushi prior to the musical.

26 March 2007
Met my dear cute cousin to walk around at JP, and she treated me to dinner at Swenson's! :D

27 March 2007
Having dinner with Rachel and Charlene at JP's Banquet foodcourt after Belly Blitz at Amore.

28 March 2007
Lunching with dearest Huiling at JP's Kopitiam foodcourt, then had coffee together at McCafe~

After facial with dear Keelyn last evening, we met Mr Pilot King and went to Lau Pa Sat.

I think this entry made Mr Pilot King seems like a real pilot who just returned from Japan! LOL~ Please don't be bluffed... =X And I had hot milk tea last night. Keke~

29 March 2007
Terrible cramps this morning. =( I ate a slice of bread and drank 1/2 cup of coffee... but ended up puking everything out. I was in pain the whole morning till afternoon, and kept vomiting everything that went in. Even plain water. Was feeling so dehydrated, dizzy, and helpless... all alone at home and too weak to even walk. Eventually I managed to fall asleep after struggling for a long time in excruciating pain... and woke up a while later feeling much better. Now? I'm just amazed I'm still not hungry yet. Haha!

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