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26 June 2006

2 colleagues' wedding feasts

Wedding dinner @ Raffles The Plaza on 23rd June 2006

The normal dishes...

Double happiness cold dish combination

Braised shark's fin soup with crab roe and snow fungus

Sauteed crystal prawns with gingko nuts and broccoli

Oven baked de-boned chicken with crispy garlic and ginger

The same dish... think I missed the steamed fruit fish with nonya sauce

Baked pork ribs capital style

Fragrant fried rice with shredded chicken, salted egg yolk, shallot and onion

The last dish before dessert was finally served

My red wine~

And the vegetarian food exclusively for me!

Desserts... I ate both =X

Wedding lunch @ City Harvest Church on 24th June 2006





Drinks and dessert (chendol soup, heard it's good but I didn't eat that)

My colleague's dish

My own...

Borrowing a table so I can take photo =P

Fruits and desserts

My fruits and my desserts


Rosehip said...

deedee i think i am kinda lag i didn't know u r now on 100% full time vegeterian?? i tot its only ur mama and ur SO mama...


deedee said...

haha no it's just my family. my SO mama also not vegetarian. i've been on a vegetarian diet with my family since i was 8, but when i'm outside i try to be more "flexible" and eat "肉边菜". i won't eat the meat in the dishes, only the veggies :)

Rosehip said...

Oh.... icic wow u started off so young.. =) ur mom is really a great cook.. with limited supply of ingredient she can cook so many so many dishes..!!!