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30 June 2006

Department dinner at Pariss

Last night's dinner at Pariss International Seafood Buffet at Marina Square with my colleagues... filled up 3 long tables!! Can you guess which of these belong to me?? :P

3rd row right - my first round: salad + veggies + tofu + rice + curry gravy on rice
5th row left - my second round: strawberry juice + wedges + yam roll + sushi + zaru soba
8th row right - my desserts: the mochi sucks, the rest were nothing terrific, only the nonya kueh was yummy wor...
15th row right - super fresh and yummy papaya milk
18th row left - fruits & ice cream & cubed guava in chocolate fondue
20th row right - more fruits (tomato + guava which is nice!!) in chocolate fondue!

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