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10 August 2006

Buffet @ Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

The place.

The menu for buffet.

Pay 30 bucks for the buffet dinner and you'll get all these, and more!! Realised we didn't order much sushi~ And it costs only 26 bucks for buffet lunch!

The chawanmushi is superb!! Too smooth! Too creamy!!!

One agedashi tofu and a beancurd steak (in spicy sauce).

Mixed tempura + croquette + California temaki

My nattou temaki~

This may not look smooth but I love the sweet taste! Yummy~

Zaru soba.

Curry udon.

Cold tofu with century egg topping - it's yummy!!

More mushroom tempura and one fried squid ring in bread batter.

Good stuff!! While the rest of the good stuff are unlimited (or while stock lasts *LOL*), this is only served once.

Ice cream~ There were 4 flavours available: vanilla (not in pic), chocolate, raspberry and strawberry. I think the raspberry one is most yummy!

Softshell crabs.


It was a gathering with my friends from NTU, and I really eat till I almost puke lor! Wahahahaha~


kiaralana said...

Can I know where's the place??

deedee said...

hi! the place is at amara shopping centre, near tanjong pagar mrt. :)

anyway your blog seems deserted? where do u reside in now? hee~ pardon me for being kaypoh, just wanna find out more abt ppl reading my blogs. :D

hv a great weekend!! (^_^)

kiaralana said...

Oh yeah, I've deserted the place because I moved on to lj and locked all my entries. =)