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19 November 2006

Yong Tauhu + Soup Spoon

WoooO~ Long time no update!!! Hahaha~ Paiseh ah, too busy with my sweetheavens blog and neglecting all my other blogs. :P But dun worry I haven't forgotten this blog! And I'm back~ :D

First, my dinner on 10 November 2006, which is what I normally eat on Friday before my Cardio Latino + Hip Hop classes... yong tauhu soup with veggies and tofu. No noodles or beehoon... kosong! Veggies only, doesn't look appetizing to you, but very healthy wor! :P

Then on 15 November 2006, Keelyn and I had dinner at Soup Spoon (Raffles Xchange at Raffles MRT Station) before our facial at OUB Centre. Photos below taken with my W810i~ (^_^)

She had clam chowder while I had the velvety mushroom *blahblah* (some cheem word =X)

My asian tofu salad...

Keelyn's caesar salad...

That's all for now folks~ For more yummy piccys, please stay tuned! :D


Bon Appetit said...

Finally an update ah

deedee said...

haha u can see my friendster photo album... :p