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21 January 2008

Meals over three days

Photos found in an old album and updated in December 2012... taken over 18-20 January 2008 =)
Friday's dinner at my fave vegetarian 煮炒 place! (^_^)
沙律虾 Mock prawns in mayonaise
蜜香鸡 Honeyed mock chicken
马来风光 Vegetarian sambal kangkung
酸甜鱼 Sweet and sour mock fish
And a soup - further in the background =)

After the dinner... We cleared the sumptuous meal!
Friday's supper: Waiting for the food to arrive...
Kambing soup
Bread for the soup
Maggi goreng
Kosong prata
My cheese and egg prata
The spread... Sinful supper!! =X
Saturday's late lunch
Kway chup
Saturday's late dinner for hubby - 滑蛋河粉 
Saturday's late dinner for me - 斋香港面
Sunday's breakfast - 斋米粉

Carrot cake... MIL bought breakfast for us =)

Lunch at Beach Road!! Ah Balling 汤圆~
Yam paste
Red bean paste
Peanut paste
Black sesame
Green tea
Another peanut one
Dinner at home - Mummy cooked fried noodles~

Now in 2012, as I look back at my old album, I'm amazed at how obsessive I was, to actually took photo of every single tangyuan after every single bite! XD

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