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07 December 2013

It's December already!

Hi everyone! (anyone's still reading this?)

Wow how time flies! It's December of 2013 already, and I'm kinda depressed because school reopens in 3 weeks time! (o_O)!! Every morning I'm woken up by gentle strokes on my face as my darling baby sayang me awake, then we snuggle and cuddle and huggle and kiss each other in bed. I'm seriously so gonna feel like crap when school reopens.

Anyway I've been contemplating to just stick to Instagram or try out Dayre... and then today I found out that... I can't download Dayre app on my iPhone4S because i'm still using iOS 5.1! (o_O)!!! Horror of all horrors! I do not have any free space in my phone to upgrade my iOS yo, so well... let's just forget it or wait till I get a new phone or something. I've been thinking about this blog but hardly get time to update (or spent too much time updating my Instagram?!) and I'm still wondering if I should continue to blog. Or maybe the main question is.. will I continue to blog? Now that I'm a full time working mom? Hmmm...

Some little foodie updates... brace yourself for 94 pictures, coming up!!

Rainbow in a plate in the school canteen, early October.

Love my school canteen for serving great food!

An impromptu arrangement over breakfast with my colleagues and we had BBQ at a lady colleague's condo after an easy dip in the pool. Three of my colleagues brought their sons along to mingle and play together =)

Woohoo, canteen food again!

Canteen food, what else?

Lunch on 9 October as we took a much needed break from our marking.

And yes... we have lots of marking to do! Here's all of mine.

Nasi lemak in the school canteen, sinful and yummy :D

Mee siam in the school canteen.

Snacking while marking!

11 October -  Friday lunch with lovely lovely people =)

12 October - Afternoon tea with my bestie and my baby, the weekend before bestie's wedding weekend!

13 October - Sunday lunch at my friend's daughter Amber's third birthday party at Seb's Bistro, Rochester House!

After the party, we had an early dinner with hubby and baby at Sun Ray Cafe, before sending hubby off for his work trip that very night.

Our dinner at Sun Ray Cafe. I had scones and cake and a latte.

Lunching with lovely colleagues on 14 October.

Having a great lunch with my mum, my baby bro, his gorgeous fiancée and my baby girl at Vegetarian Express Cafe~ ^^ 15 October was Hari Raya! Happy holiday!!

Two hungry teachers that needed lunch came together and devoured a feast!

Having tea (or rather, hot cafe latte) alone at Olio Cafe. Would really love to order the high tea platter for two but couldn't get anyone to share it with me. I'm sharing this cake with my baby though ^^v

Sweet and sugary awesomeness at my bestie's wedding on 20 October 2013!~ (^3^)

First dish of yummy vegetarian platter for the vegetarian table at my bestie's wedding banquet.

Having a break alone with creamy mushroom soup in a sourdough loaf and fluffy marshmallow latte~

Having a feast at Canton Paradise with my loveliest colleagues on the last day of school!

Guess what I made on the night of 22 October? (will reveal later =P)

Lunching with my lovely little cuzzie at my favourite eating place in City Square Mall - PHOP!

Chocolate fondue is a must-order item for us! Yum~!!!

It's our first time trying the cheesy wedges and we love it!

Finally cuzzie and I were back at my place after lunch and some shopping~ (^3^) And these are what I made the night before! (^.^)v Banana yogurt popsicles with cinnamon, peanut butter, and Nutella tips! :D 

Brekkie in school canteen on 25 October 2013!

A good lunch with 4 awesome colleagues before our karaoke session.

Fun-filled Friday afternoon: KTV with my awesome colleagues and then dinner with another friend at Ajisen.

Dinner at my folks' home on 26 October. Forever in love with my mum's cooking! And my baby is the princess of curry, cos her mum's the queen of curry lol (or in local lingo people call me "curry siao" XD) She wanted more food after she finished her porridge, so we let her try some of the blanched broccoli and curry potatoes with rice. She ate everything in that little sauce plate!!

Shopping and tea with baby and my parents~ :D We're having banana cake at Toast Box!

Brekkie in the school canteen! When you can't decide to eat noodles (today's special) or beehoon (the usual), get both! XD

Sumptuous birthday lunch for a colleague with a bunch of lovely lady colleagues =)

Another brekkie special in the canteen! Baked potato with mushrooms and cheese, and scrambled eggs, with a mug of coffee~ woohoo!! I love my school canteen 😘

Round two of brekkie... there's just too much nice food around. XD

Lunching with colleagues! These are from the vegetarian stall... My noodles is the one behind ^^ omnomnomnom!

Refreshment provided by the school canteen at an in-house UbD workshop. Yums~

Brekkie with my lovely colleague in the school canteen!! We're having fried kway tiao noodles... Woohoo~ yum!

Having lontong in the school canteen~ ^^

Lunch outta school!! With 5 awesome young colleagues ^^ *overeating max*

A good dinner on 30 October with some of my super awesome GESL mates. I had my individual steampot of vegetarian soup with a variety of mushrooms and lots of fresh green veggies!! ^^ Always looking forward to our next gathering~ :D

A splendid lunch for three after all the "workout" in school and at the sports and recreational centre~ *happyfood*

My dinner at home on 31 October - mum-in-law's cooking - rice, egg, soup, and a stir fry with broccoli, beancurd and assorted mushrooms. I'm in the mood for some spiciness and so I added a dollop of chilli sauce on the side.

1 November's special in the canteen~ ngoh hiang! And I had both fried kway teow and beehoon~ with egg and beancurd... yummy!

Ladies' day out with awesome companions ^^ here's our lunch for 5!! :D

My first time eating at the Broadway coffeeshop in Potong Pasir, and my first time eating this - 番茄蛋幼面 - on 2 November 2013.

Belated birthday treat for my baby bro at Yi Xin vegetarian stall in Clementi Ave 4.

Dinner on 3 November. Mummy's homecooked "fried rice" - white and brown rice mixed in stir fried shredded carrots and olive vegetable, and topped with blanched broccoli ^^

I'm having my usual beehoon and egg for brekkie and my colleague's having the day's special -   mee~ I'm having coffee and she's having tea.

A successful surprise birthday party for a dear colleague inside a classroom.

 Q: How do you enjoy an awesome lunch?
A: With awesome people!!
*tummy flabs growing at alarming rate*

Fried hokkien mee with an egg and my staple mug of kopi, in the school canteen. Where else?

Having a super sumptuous lunch at Nolboo Hangari Galbi before two full days of programmes in school! It's goooood!!

With a lady colleague, enjoying our drinks and desserts in Nolboo Hangari Galbi ^^ on 6 November.

6 November at Sophie Bakery in Wisma Atria. There was no seats then, I'm glad they have seats now :D I was back with my baby another after they've seats and we enjoyed! Will blog more in another entry ^^

7 November in school. Having a good brekkie with colleagues before our strategic work planning... one full day of meetings, discussions and sharing in school.

Tea time refreshment... our school serves some of the healthiest wholesome refreshment for our tea breaks! :D

And lunch is provided, before another round of programmes in school~ The vegetarian bento may not have the healthiest dishes but it's definitely yummiest max!!

Afternoon tea =)

In school again on 8 November for workplanning... the vegetarian brekkie set has beehoon and mock ngoh hiang rolls. I also went for the desserts, 'cos they're super yum! :D

Again! :D

Buffet with desserts is served~ when I just opened up the vegetarian bento box, the curry freak in me was disappointed that it doesn't come with yummy curry... But the disappointment diminished shortly after as the dishes are really good! Super yum~ grateful for the delicious vegetarian food specially catered for the minority of us who are vegetarian ^^

Fresh fruits = Healthy snacks!!

More from the same day... =)

A break from the food pics... I was at Women's Day Out 2013 for the 3 hours tri-power challenge and the 1.5 hour dance beat. I was dead beat after the 4.5 hours worth of workout! But this lady is such a role model. She's completed the 3 hours of hard core cardio (tri-power challenge) and she's full of enthusiasm and she's 62! Can you see what's written behind her tee? It says: Age is just a number. She said she'll be back next year. Way to go!!

Loves the variety of food served in the school canteen over this period when students have gone on their holidays but teachers are still waiting to take a break! :D

Our sinful afternoon tea break... Post-dip-in-pool with two lovely lady colleagues! ^^

12 November: Couldn't wait for the week to be over! Baby woke up so many times throughout the night. And sometimes screaming for almost half hour... I totally need sleeeeeep. *zombified* And look at the cool rainy weather! I so wanna stay in bed! Sigh... Holidays please come sooner!!

Having a good lunch with my colleagues (the lower secondary science awesome people) at Fish & Co. The special meatfree order of mushroom pasta which was great~ ^^

13 November 2013‘s brekkie before Maths department work planning!! And hubby's back from his month-long overseas training~ woohoo!! ^^

The packed noodles with hashbrowns in the back is mine ^^ special no-meat order~ Breakfast before our PLT presentations!

Science Department workplanning at a lovely colleague's new place! Brekkie is provided ^^ omg this place has such nice decor and ambience, I wanna live here please XD

And lunch is served! :D Grabbing some food before we continue with our work planning~

Dinner with Maths Department on 15 November. I felt like I've been overeating these few weeks, but for this meal I'm not going to stop... Because the food here is so good! Love the salad plate and my Sofra kebab veggie ^^

Anyone mentioned overeating? Haha... I'm still eating and eating and eating -_-" With hubby at Din Tai Fung. We always order the same four dishes when we're here... top two dishes are my fav and bottom two are hubby's. Always.

My first Subway breakfast meal! Cheese and egg sub with hashbrowns and coffee. Current promotion: bring a buddy and second person gets 50% off... why am I having brekkie alone?! So wasted! *andIsoloveschoolholidays*

We performed at the school's grad night for our graduating students, and we've spent so much time preparing for the production! Here's our after-performance-drinks!! Toast for our producer-director! Toast for our successful performance!! It was such a splendid production, an awesome experience~ with some really awesome folks from school \(^3^)/

Holidays rock! Having tea with a mummy friend Angel and our baby girlies on 19 November ^^

This is a meat-free dinner for two - my daughter and I! My baby girl had porridge earlier, and then she had rice from the sushi (mostly from the tamago sushi and some more from the avocado hand roll)... And if people noticed, they might sue me for child abuse because she's having her rice with... wasabi!! Here, she tried real wasabi for the first time, neat, and kept asking for more. Omg I wanna faint. I thought I was good to be eating chilli at 2. This little one had her first curry at 13mo and now, wasabi at 14mo going 15mo. She's the pro!! Now that makes two in the family... Two of us who's utterly crazy over palate-shocking spicy food!

Buffet lunch with my colleagues on 20 November! OMG soooo filling *burp* Super love the durian with steamed glutinous rice!! \(^3^)/

An impromptu high tea at Marche, Somerset 313 with mummies Angel and Cam, and our baby girlies! 

With 3 lady colleagues on 22 November at JPOT Hotpot. ^^ I'm having the vegetarian soup base with lots of veg and golden mushrooms!! :D Super love the homemade spinach skin beancurd and fried beancurd skin!!

After the hotpot lunch, I went for a complimentary lesson at Canon for my new PowerShot S110, and then I loiter around Chinatown alone taking pics. I got hungry and wondering where to grab a meatless meal. And I must say thanks to hungry ang mo's blog... An impromptu search at his blog on vegetarian places in Chinatown brought me here =) Well Dressed Salad Bar & Café~

Dinner is served - "the well dressed green goddess" (rocket, spinach, romaine, capsicum, avocado, pistachio and egg in wasabi dressing), "interesting curried pumpkin soup" and hot lemon ginger mint tea. Yums!

Saturday lunch with hubby ^^

An eventful Sunday! Brunch with BFF, shopping with baby girlie, met hubby to attend his friend's kids' birthday party and then back to my folks' place for dinner! If you've been following my blog and Instagram for some time, you'd realize that my mum seems to cook the same few dishes. Well, because all of us love these dishes!! So to save the hassle, mummy just cook the dishes we love XD we're not complaining! They're still the best~ ^^

Lunch on 25 November at Cedele, 100AM.

"早晨!要不要去喝早茶?" Brekkie time again, this time at Toast Box! :D

Our high tea at PAUL on 26 November, and I also ordered a crepe champignon for dinner... An early indulgent dinner as there weren't be dinner at home ^^ it was a lot of food, but really good too. Keke!

I've been indulging real bad over my holidays! This was lunch at Cedele in Paragon, with momsies Lizzy and Angel and our babies (or really toddlers) ^^

And then we had tea break at Coffee Club ^^

Vegetarian tom yam seafood noodle soup for dinner at Vegetarian Express Cafe, Heartland Mall.

Lunching with hubby and his friend on 29 November at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh... So I'll be having rice with xiao bai cai and peanuts :P

Will update on my adventures with baby in another entry! :D


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