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07 December 2013

I love school holidays with baby

How not to love, right? One of my favourite part of my holidays with baby is her one-week PlayNest class at Julia Gabriel Centre! Scroll down and see more :D (Click pic to see more descriptions on Instagram if there's no caption. I'm being toooo lazy XD)

She was a little botak for a while...

And I only bought two pairs out of these two...

Sitting in a box of balls XD

She loves curry!
Feeding herself.

Baby's in my school canteen!

Haha having a "picnic" in my school canteen as I'm back on a Saturday for a day camp.

My brother's birthday falls on Halloween!

Loving herself ^^

Everyone's saying she looks like a big girl in this dress.

Guo Da Li for my bro and his wife-to-be!

We bought a blackforest cake for my dad's birthday :D

In my school before we embark on our staff retreat.

I was not just the teacher-in-charge. I donated blood too!

From hubby ^^

My happy girly ^^ 
Shopping time! I love this dress, but I didn't buy it...

My girl with baby girl Sophie at Marche, Somerset 313 =)

And with baby girls Charlotte and Sophie at Marche, Somerset 313 =)
Brunching with bestie! :D

Baby loves Christmas trees!

Woah look what I found at Kinokuniya? :D
And this is what I bought for her from Kinokuniya ^^

Came home on 26 November with these... bento stuff from Bento with Yenn!

Another gathering for our babies!

Playing with the milk foam on my coffee... made with my Nespresso :D

Hubby's running, not me =P and he's going for the full marathon! (o_O)!!

They call this kinda gooey egg yolk pics "eggporn"! XD I love Eggs & Berries ^^

A quick lunch before baby's PlayNest class at Julia Gabriel Centre, starting on 2 December! :D

Baby's enjoying her first few moments in the class... it's a little kiddy wonderland in here!

Baby had fun and after that I met mummy friend Angel and her friend for tea at Wisma Atria.

And guess what I bought for baby? As Julia Gabriel Centre is at Forum The Shopping Mall, I popped into Toys R Us after class and bought this for her!

I didn't know I can upload videos and it will be turned into an animated GIF! :D This is my first time trying! ^^ Totally loving her new bolster :D

In class the next day! She decorated this :D

And she loves the play time most when she gets to roam around the playground and play with plastic veggies. At other times, she's singing (actually the adults were singing... lol), dancing, listening to stories, doing craft work, or playing with bubbles as more songs are sung.

Third day at Julia Gabriel Centre for her class, and she's totally roaming around independently in the play area. 

Tea with mummy friend Angel and her baby, and her friend at Maison Kayser after class.

Failed foam art. Nevermind. XD

Brunch at Sophie Bakery on Thursday, 5 December. In my last entry I mentioned that there wasn't any seat the last time I went. This time there are, and I'm so glad that now I can sit down and have a good tart and coffee leisurely. And that's what I did. =)

Even baby's having her own leisurely stroll in Sophie Bakery *lol*

A quick lunch with an elder cousin before baby's class. Thank you cousin for the lunch treat!

My little girl's having so much fun at her playnest class at Julia Gabriel Centre.

And she made pizza for herself! Yum!!

And tea with mummy friend Angel again! At Fruits Paradise in Vivocity, with our babies.

Last day at Julia Gabriel Centre... not sure about her but I'll miss all the fun. I'm pretty sure she will too.

Bubbles bubbles everywhere... 

It's party time at Julia Gabriel Centre as the theme of the week is Rainbow Bear's birthday party!

And we're back with her craft work, some party stuff and sticker tattoos on her arms.

From a senior who went overseas :D

My sparkling manicure on the sparkling dress that I'll be wearing tomorrow :D

My creation! Love playing with foam art on coffee! :D

Dinner with hubby just now!

My next entry should be on my baby brother's wedding and our staycation at Carlton Hotel. Stay tuned! :D

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