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20 December 2012

Olio Cafe & Skinny Pizza

This is a day of catching up. First, I met a secondary school ECA buddy Sharon to catch up over lunch at Olio Cafe, with my little precious tagging along to meet the lovely lady. How time flies, my dear friend is already a mother of two, and still as sweet and dear as ever!

We both ordered the yummy cream of mushroom, which is actually very filling by itself!

She had pizza~

While I had the wild mushroom sandwich.

After our main courses we ordered a carrot cake to share, and one banana orange smoothie each.

My little precious and our carrot cake. This slice of cake was actually returned and promptly replaced as this slice was very dry and hard, my fork could not go through it! I had to tell the young man serving us that I've had their carrot cake many times and it's always good... what happened to this slice? He promptly got it replaced for us.

Gifts for the little one! A romper and bib set exclaiming "My first Christmas" from my dear colleague Tian, who came to Olio Cafe to pass it to me. And the Lamaze cloth book from my dear friend Sharon herself. :)

In the evening I left once again, this time without baby, for a dinner gathering with my awesome pals from my NIE days. We had a great time at Plaza Singapura, where we first gather at Skinny Pizza for dinner.

The starters.. fries, sweet potato fritters and some bread and cheese dish which name I can't remember. Overall, yum!

The pumpkin and nut and some other stuff pizza... it's vegetarian, and very nice! :D

A friend wasn't well and only had soup...

The bread with dunno what cheese starter... haha~

My slice of yummy skinny pizza ^^

Squid ink pizza which I didn't eat.

Another vegetarian pizza for me! Wild mushroom truffle pizza~

After dinner, the friend who's unwell went off to rest early while the rest of us continued to catch up over the black forest hot chocolate, which is a Christmas special at Gloria Jean's. Yum~ ^^

As you can see, this was just another day filled with yummy food. I love December for all the gatherings and all the yummy stuff! And such days make me wanna come back to blog again! :D

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