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22 December 2012

Ah Dong Teh House

Once again, there's nothing at home, we're sick of the food at the coffeeshop downstairs and bored of the typical delivery... suddenly I remember seeing the sign on the way home, pointing to Punggol Promenade. When we saw the sign, we were wondering which restaurant has closed down to make way for the new eatery, so this was a great opportunity to find out! XD

Ah Dong Tea House is now located at the hut that used to be a Japanese restaurant. The seafood place has also made way to a new one...

Inside Ah Dong... the current simple menu is temporary as a complete menu will be out in 2013.

The cream of mushroom is creamy and yum! The portion is small but that's good! Usually we got quite full after just having the soup >< It's affordable at $2.90 ^^

Our drinks - hubby had grass jelly drink while I had milk tea with grass jelly.

Noodles for me~ Luncheon meat for hubby though! =P

Hubby's chicken chop... huge portion!

Our dinner's ready! Let's tuck in!! :D

The counter is decorated in quite an interesting way - culteries plastered into the surface!

Leaving the place... tata Ah Dong! We enjoyed our dinner, we'll be back!!

One more shot as we leave... ^^

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