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09 December 2012

All by myself

"When you pushed out a baby, you realized suddenly you are wonder woman and you can tackle anything!!"

I just told that to my friend, who's marveling about how I could bring baby out in a stroller and take train to a friend's place, all by myself.

Baby was alert and looking around with her big round eyes throughout the journey on MRT~

Well, I never knew I could do it, but today I did it! I just did it!

And I took the elevators a whooping 14 times today! WOW!!

1. Home to ground level
2. Ground level to LRT concourse level
3. LRT concourse level to platform level, took LRT
4. Reached MRT station, LRT platform level to concourse level
5. Concourse level to NEL platform level, took MRT
6. NEL platform level to concourse level, change MRT line
7. Concourse level to EWL platform level, took MRT
8. Reached destination, EWL platform level to concourse level
9. Concourse level to ground level, walk to friend's house and crossed 3 roads
10. Ground level to friend's house
11. Friend's house to ground level, hubby fetch me to my parents' place
12. Ground level to my parents' place
13. My parents' place to ground level, going home
14. Ground level to home... home sweet home!

On the way to my friend's place, it started drizzling... luckily it was really a really light drizzle and the walking distance was short.

Finally arrived! My friend has 2 children, the elder is a boy and this is the younger girl =)

Hello meimei! Hello jiejie!

And lunch is served! Food for 7 ladies, 2 kids and a little baby... who's not eating. Keke~

It's a gathering with my ex-colleagues, a group of female engineers. We enjoyed ourselves catching up over the sumptuous spread and baby was hungry so we continued to catch up while I nursed the little one.

Nursing everywhere I go

My friend took out some of her kids' toys suitable for baby, but my little baby fell asleep on the sofa instead.

After the gathering, hubby came to fetch me and head back to my parents' place for dinner~

And I had milk for supper at night... I finished the 2 litres in 4 days, all by myself!! :D

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