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26 December 2012

Boxing Day 2012

Went out early in the morning for a play date with my girlfriends and their kids!

Hubby, who's clearing his annual leave, came to fetch me and we went to Old Airport Road for lunch with his colleagues.

We were home after lunch and hungry in the evening, and hubby suggested ordering dinner so I searched online and found ThaiToGo Thai food delivery... This is our first time trying ThaiToGo and we ordered "三菜一汤" (3 dishes & 1 soup). 

We had seafood tomyum soup, sweet and sour tofu, lemon chicken, sambal kangkung and 2 servings of white rice at S$34 including delivery charge and GST. The sambal kangkung was pretty spicy, in fact too spicy for hubby, and there seemed to be a lot of food for two. We ordered this much as we had to hit the minimum order of $25, excluding delivery charge and GST. Overall, we enjoyed our dinner. Hubby commented that the food wasn't fantastic but was pretty decent for the affordable price. My comment? Very filling!! XD

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