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29 December 2012

A blessed and thankful year

This has been an extraordinary 2012. I've transformed from an insane clubbing pregger to an obsessively-insane, newborn-loving, baby-wearing, frequently-latching, kinect-dancing, diaper-changing, insanely-obsessive mother. This is probably the one most significant change that has ever occurred in my life. And everything is made easier because of you, our lovely friends.

We just can't live without friends. And I'm so very grateful of the many great friends we've got. Hubby's friends/family/colleagues/relatives and mine combined have helped us save a lot and make it possible for me to save up for my no-pay leave... I can't imagine if we still have to pay for the baby cot, playpen, ferrari carseat, play gym, bouncer, ergo baby carrier, medela freestyle, tonic, thermometer, toys, and all those baby swaddles, rompers, dresses, mittens, booties, nappy liners, baby wipes, bibs, shoes and many more... plus things we bought with the vouchers and cash gifts we received, including all those baby wipes, cloth books, mattress and playard. What have I done to deserve this? I must be very very blessed!

It has been a wonderful year because all of you have been such wonderful friends! I am truly blessed and I wanna say THANK YOU!! ♥

Thank you my little precious one for coming into my life and showing me how very blessed we are. Thank you dear wonderful people in my very blessed life~ The new year is arriving in 2+ days... Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed 2013!!

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