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28 December 2012

Last Friday of 2012

Another "happening" day of December. :P We lunch out and then I had a great time with my lovely friends in the evening.

MIL went to BIL's place to do some cleaning in the morning, and then returned around 1pm. We were all hungry and haven't eaten, and MIL suggested lunching at... this place again!

MIL, FIL and I all had the lemon honey drink, while hubby drank his favourite coca cola.

MIL and FIL arrived earlier to get a seat in the restaurant while hubby and I went after parking the car and putting baby in her stroller. MIL ordered all the dishes that I can eat :)

MIL, hubby and I shared these 2 dishes...

While FIL had this~

And baby was busy 'eating' her fingers XD

The aftermath! *burp*

PILs went out to town as they're watching cantonese opera in the evening... while hubby and I brought baby to our new favourite store - Kiddy Palace.

Baby looking at the nice toddler dresses suitable for CNY and probably wondering, "daddy, mummy... are you bringing me to buy CNY clothes?"

Nope baby, you have more than enough clothes! You have too much clothes, they are overflowing from your wardrobe into another few boxes and bags!!

Anyway we bought these for baby instead, as we've been discussing about baby's first food in a few weeks' time... how exciting!

Hubby's plan was to buy the spoons but this mummy - yours truly - wanna buy the bowl as well. Isn't it sweet! I couldn't resist Hello Kitty... oops. The woes of having a little girl XD If I had a boy I'd just use any plain old bowl at home... LOL! And I realized that once we become parents, we're very willing to spend on the little one. I would never ever have spent over 6 bucks on a bowl for myself!!

We went home and later in the evening, I met my dear friends (also close colleagues) for a post-Christmas gathering with gift exchange, while hubby stayed at home with baby.

We went to one of the ladies' place and had sushi-takeaway for dinner. My friends also bought Old Chang Kee fishballs etc, and we had green tea too. ^^

There were also cherries and ice cream for dessert! We indulge in the food while watching TV, exchanging gifts, playing bridge and catching up. It was an intimate affair and a really great gathering!!

Our gifts under the Christmas tree~ Actually there were just 4 of us!

These are all mine! :D

So, I went for one gift exchange and came home with all these!! My baby and I are super pampered by my dear friends~ There's a Hello Kitty bag filled with goodies (Korean snacks, honey and a Christmas card), a Naraya makeup pouch, a Minnie Mouse romper and FOX Baby sandals for my little precious, sheet mask and foot scrub from The Face Shop, and a set of matching earrings and necklace.

This is why I appreciate my life a lot. I'm constantly surrounded by people who are always showering me with so much love! ♥

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