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07 December 2012

Baby's photo Friday

This morning, I tried to let baby sit on the sofa and took this shot. Love the effect of it, looks like studio photography. Haha~

I'm home alone with nothing to eat and a baby to take care. I was about to submit to instant noodles when my uncle called. My uncle and aunt came to visit and brought me lunch and fresh fruits. :) When I let them carry my little one, she started crying, kept looking at me with longing eyes while huge beads of tears rolled down her cheeks. My uncle and aunt were saying she's only 3+ months and already so sticky to me, then I can prepare to quit... how to go back to work next year with her like that? ><

Here's my lunch: yummy mock fish chop rice!

My little darling has become very sensitive to my camera (my iphone) and will always look when I wanna take a shot, even when she's busy with her thumb, haha. ^^

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