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Our little bundle of joy was delivered in August 2012

I'm not a pure vegetarian but I'm brought up by loving parents who turned strict lacto-ovo-vegetarians when I was 8. I become more flexible when I traveled for work and while overseas, had to work with fussy people who hate to be inconvenienced by vegetarians. I married a non-vegetarian and although I had thoughts of changing my diet, I cannot convince myself to sink my teeth into the flesh of another animal. Once I attempted but failed as the thought of animals losing their lives just to give me food fills my eyes with tears, while the thought of my intestines becoming the graveyard of these animals disgusts me. I still don't take meat and I'll pick meat out of the dishes. Armed with my iPhone, I take pics of both meat and non-meat dishes.

No prize for guessing right which one belongs to me! XD

I started blogging in 2002 and have been switching platforms like the most fickle minded blogger with well over 20 blogs under my various nicks, but all my old blogs have either been removed or locked due to the respective blogging platforms closing down, or just me being more aware of the importance of my privacy, after I signed on the dotted line to bond myself with my new career in the field of education. While I stopped blogging for some years, I continue to actively share my photos with my friends in Facebook and followers in Instagram, and the theme mostly revolved around food. Now I'm finally back to publicize my photos in deedee-licious.blogspot.sg which has been locked up for the past 4 years, and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures on my blog :) 

 December 2012