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12 December 2007

I'm moving

I'm moving... will update! :D

And I'm back! XD

This entry was originally an entry to inform that I'm moving to a new site on Multiply.com... however I did not update any more entry upon shifting, and currently (today is 26 December 2012 as I update this entry) Multiply.com is closing down.

In mid-December 2012, I came to look at this blog again... Over the years since I last updated this blog in 2007, I've been updating pictures of food and other stuff in my Facebook and Instagram instead. I've also been changing my blogs from sweetheavens, etc (that time when I had, like, 6 blogs concurrently XD) to livejournal, then a blog on my job switch to being a teacher, and then jumped once again to another blog on my newer role as a clueless mother embarking motherhood... and now I think it's time to come back to my much neglected food blog. Afterall, mostly I have been taking photos of food... although now, my baby's photos are far exceeding!

Sigh, I regret to say that some of the old entries have to be removed as the picture links have gone bad and don't point to the pictures anymore... and some entries were without pictures at all! I wonder what happened to the pictures... have I removed their links? It was so long ago, I just can't remember!

So finally I'm back, and I'll be updating the blog with backdated entries, using pics from my Facebook and Instagram. I will also update about my baby (currently the love of my life, I guess that's how all new first-time mums feel!) here, so I'll stop updating all my other blogs and concentrate on one blog here.

Stay tuned! ♥

Note: Every entry between 12/12/07 and 26/12/12 is updated after 26/12/12 and backdated accordingly. =)

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